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Dia dhuit!


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Hello beautiful people, my name is Rena (some call me Gem Fabio because of my obsession with crystal formations and minerals)! I'm a recently graduated 3D animation student (still studying for 2D) currently working flexi-time with a game company in Ireland. I'm Canadian, born and raised in Kingston and I'm currently aiming to be a big bad animator! 


I've been roleplaying for a few years now, mostly in MMORPGs (namely WoW) and I've decided to bring my nutcase of a character over from WoW to FFXIV. It wasn't a hard process to be honest, had to change certain names and removed previous roleplay and it still all clicked which was pretty nice. Hurray for lazy work. 




First of all have some music!


My character, Mali Lutka, is a daughter of a relatively renown Twelveswood criminal leader, Mastir'ra Poalis-Lutka (taking his wife's name and adding it forward in respect) who is a man that aimed to crush tradition. Short form of her story, she and her 3 brothers were given a wish each. The twin brothers requested wealth, the middle son requested political power. Mali, being the smartest of the lot, wished to learn what her father did, using the reasoning that she can gain what her brothers did by herself with just the right skills. She eventually learned how to become a saboteur while her brothers struggled with their wishes.


Nowadays she's a very cocky cat that just wants to rake in as much money as her grubby hands can get on. If it doesn't work out in her favor or if negotiations simply do not look well, a bunch of explosives (ranging from incineration to smoke and even morbol gas) will usually solve the problem. Mali can be an honest negotiator, or a cruel and devious one depending on her employers wishes. She's a very loyal worker, despite her profession, believing that everything should be in secret and she's willing to work with anyone at all. Just don't forget to pay.


Need an extremely reliable individual to do the nasty work you don't want to admit you need done? Just as her! Don't forget to pay though. Really, she might do things you won't like.




I'm currently Free Company-less and have been for quite some time! I'm a bit picky when it comes to that kind of stuff, as I do have a lack of tolerance for constant angst RP. There are always good, fun days inbetween awful ones! I'm always available for RP when I'm online, I'm really just leveling my character at the moment. Just poke me if you're interested.

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