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Voidsent RP

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I'm not sure if there's already a thread concerning this topic but here goes...


Basically, my character Nick's background concerns a voidsent, who was previously a Hyur, who essentially cursed his whole family due to a past incident with his father (his former best friend).


I want to know more about voidsents and the Void in general so I can refine my knowledge of the lore and my character's backstory.

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A while back, I asked questions about the Void which can be found here.


Along with this there are two links that focus on Void discussion.

Need lore info on the Void/Dark Realm and Sharlayan

The Void (Lore Request)


Also a mod note.

Since you seem to be looking more for lore about the Void and Voidscent, I will be moving this thread to Lore Discussion.

Mod Note End.

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