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Something witty about Raen and superiority

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Hey! I poked my head in the door earlier but fell off the roleplay rails because of Dark Souls 3. Hype has finally worn off though and after nearly beating the game three times I'm ready to check out XIV again. My wiki page isn't finished yet and there are still a lot of directions I may end up taking my character, but if anyone is interested in some chill RP hit me up. You'll probably have an easier time getting in touch with me over Steam than XIV so feel free to add me on there: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Fuppy/ 



As for the character itself, she is much more of an extrovert than anything else so setting up a scene or getting some connections going won't be difficult so no being shy!



if you've caught me baiting xaela players in ul'dah chat please dont hate me ; - ;

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