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Castian Kensaki

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Name: Castian Kensaki

Race: Doman Hyur

Sex: Male

Age: 29

Sexuality: Straight

Profession: Wander/Ronin((DRG/LNC in game, Samurai whenever it comes out))

Secondary Profession: Jeweler/Swordsmith((GSM/BSM))

RP style: Casual-Medium

Relationship Status: Single


Background: Born into a small village in the Doman Region. Spent most of his childhood learning Martial skills in preparation to become personal bodyguard to his region's local clan Lord. After a decisive defeat at the hands of the Garlean Empire his Lord was slain and his clan obliterated, the remaining members of his clan scattered with the winds. Castian shamed by his failure wound up joining the Doman Refugees lead by Yuguri. Wandering the lands of Eorzea he put his skills with sword and spear to work as a mercenary slaying local beasts that troubled farmers. Currently Wandering the land.



OOC: Castian is a loyal and honest person. While quiet he will open up to people that take the time to get to know him. Due to his failure against the Garlean Empire he doubts himself. He isn't one to drink anyone under the table but he will enjoy a nice ale every so often. He prefers to take a more cautious approach to combat, he will most likely seek ways to end a fight/battle with as little bloodshed as possible in regards to fights with other people. He believes life is a gift not to be wasted over foolish choices.


OOC2: I play on the PS4, so my response times are limited by the amount of time it takes for me to put my controller down and type on the keyboard. Timezone is CST/GMT-6. When I'm not leveling/Duty farming you'll most likely find me at the Quicksand, Coffer & Coffin, or exploring old Allagan/Nymian ruins.

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