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Seeking friends and connections for a Xaela

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So I've decided to create a search thread for another one of my characters since I've had a bit of a falling out with my old group. I have been lurking the forums and created a few other search threads so I figured another one would not hurt. 




This is Amarakuro Loivissa (Amarak or Amara for short he doesn't mind which one he's called) he is a Xeala from the Malaguld tribe. He came over to Eorzea after an unfortunate event befallen him and a close friend of his. Amara is still currently exploring the realm and works as a freelancer. 

He is guy who is usually calm and relaxed though sometimes has his moment, though he is kind and caring to those who are close to him. He also tends to be a little stubborn at times.


I am still working on a wiki page for him but I will put this here.




Like many other Au Ra, Amarakuro hails from the continant of Orthard.  He was born to Ganbaatar and Enkthuya of the Malaguld tribe. Since  his childhood Amara was taught to get along with the Raen people as his tribe had been one of the only tribes known to take in Raen refugees who fled their initial tribes for one reason or another.

During his childhood he made many friends, Raen and Xeala alike. While he had several friends he had one who was truly his best friend, a Raen by the name of Takeuchi. At first the two boys did not get along and they would bump heads with each other constantly, always arguing and tusseling when they did not see eye to eye. Eventually the two realized they had more in common than they thought. As time passed the two practically become inseparable as their bond became quite deep, Amara treated Takeuchi more of a brother than a friend.

Whenever Amara got in trouble with the elders of their tribe his 'brother' was right there with him always enjoying the fun just like any two boys would usually do. Despite being best friends the two would still occasionally bump heads with one another, much like they did when they first met one another. While it was okay for him to bump heads with Takeuchi he was not big on others trying to harm him in anyway, and always supported him when he needed it. 

Amara would become partners with his 'brother'  in terms of hunting, training and sparring. Eventually the two would become rivals and would compete in friendly competitions such as seeing who could bring in the biggest haul in terms of their hunts, or slay a dangerous mark the fastest. One day both Amara and were given the task of hunting a dangerous bovine-like beast near the Steppes. The quarry had been rather challenging as its hide was tough enough to withstand the slash of a bladed weapon. 

A prolonged battle held all three participants exhausted and wounded, Amara nearly had a unfortunate encounter with the reaper when the beast aimed to ram it's massive tusk through his body. In the moment in which he froze he found himself being pushed out of the way by his childhood friend and while he was saved from a gruesome fate, Takeuchi was not. Having no other choice Amara took the initiative and slayn the beast. One that day he lost his only brother.

With the task completed he returned to his tribe with the body of his 'brother' but he did not stay long. The guilt had been too much for him to bare,  Amara believed that it was because his failure to act that he caused the lost of a dear friend. He was unable to tell his kin that his failure to move which led to the death of his friend. After the burial Amara paid his respects one last time before leaving his tribe and venturing out into the world, exiling himself from his kith and kin.


The Present:


Since leaving Othard and his tribe, Amara begun to explore the land of Eorzea, interested in learning more about the foreign land and experience new things. He currently lives as an adventurer and works as a freelancer. His recent job had him working for a  noble family of Ishgard. Since completing the task he began sticking around places like Ul'dah and Limsa Lominsa.

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Sounds like an interesting and well thought out back-story you've got going. If you're interested, you can roleplay with Garza. If you don't mind monster hunting, that is. As his roleplay rarely ever boils down to anything else. xD

Sorry for the pate response been out of town. I don't mind monster hunting in the least, in fact that is something I recently started getting in to so I think that it would be fine! I be sure to keep an eye out for you ingame!

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I have a raen character I am still very much fleshing out.. but if you would like to roleplay sometime with her, her name is Yoko Tatsuyuki. She's a refugee and trying to still figure out Eorzea herself. Easiest way is to contact me is on naja_eloquie on skype~

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I have a raen character I am still very much fleshing out.. but if you would like to roleplay sometime with her, her name is Yoko Tatsuyuki. She's a refugee and trying to still figure out Eorzea herself. Easiest way is to contact me is on naja_eloquie on skype~

I see, skype is also a good way to get in contact with me as well. I usually use when discussing stuff with others in terms of my characters in case I can not be reached ingame or here in the forums. Being that Amara comes from a tribe that takes in Raen, I'm sure he would be more than wiling to meet and interact with a refugee.


If you guys are interested in hunting a primal in character, I have an event set up for sunday where I could RP with the both of you that might be really fun.

Unfortunately I was unable to make the event due to having to tend to other matters outside of the game.

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