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Sybil Regabi

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I. Basic Info

Characters: Sybil Regabi (alts on Midgardsormr but eh)

Primary Character: Sybil Regabi 

Linkshells: Information Desk (OOC, helping new players)

Primary RP Linkshell: None, looking.



II. RP Style

Amount of RP (Light, Medium, Heavy): Still new to RP, but probably could get to being heavy if I ever find people.

Views on RP Combat and Injuries: I'm still new to the FFXIV RP combat idea, I've seen people using /random and emoting accordingly. However, my usual method of RP is agreeing on a general outcome and RPing out whatever until it gets there. Not that I'm opposed to using the /random feature, I'm just not familiar with it.

As far as injuries go, no perma-death or loss of limbs for Sybil, but scars/broken limbs etc are more than welcome developments.

View on IC Romance: Sybil is very much a flirt, but I avoid ERP. If a relationship grows and is organic and natural and you stay IC the whole time, I wouldn't be opposed to it, but I want it to happen naturally for the characters, and not be forced.

Views on Non-Romantic RP (Family Ties/Etc.): I already have a backstory for Sybil that includes parents. However, it is just a basis, and there is a lot of wiggle room. They don't even have set names, so its entirely possible that if someone wanted to take their spots and RP them if they liked their base story, I'd be welcome (very much so) to the idea. As far as siblings/family friends and the like go, I'm definitely open to that as well.

Views on Lore: My knowledge of the FFXIV lore is slightly limited, however a lot of Sybil's story does revolve around Gridania and it's lore in particular (ie the Archer's Guild and so on) As she is both a Bard and an Astrologian, some of the Ishgardian/Sharlayan lore comes into play as well.

Views on Chat Functions (/Say, /Linkshell, /Tell, etc.): I don't have any particular preference. I'm happy to RP in /tells, /party, /say, wherever works, as long as it's appropriate for the RP. If what is being said is IC, it will have "quotes" around it, as a general rule for myself, I don't typically use (parentheses) as I am not IC often enough to denote using them. I don't use /shout or /yell in RP.


III. Other Info

Country: US

Timezone: PST

Contact Info: Message here, my tumblr, /tell Sybil Regabi in game.

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Welcome to Balmung!


Feel free to look me up any time after 6 PST or all day on the weekends I am most often on O'bahk Tia or Selarian Cloverbloom (though the latter is on a journey with is friend right now). If you are looking for a place to come hang out in a low stress place the Wayfarer's Rest is an Inn/Bar where both of those characters live. (Goblet, Ward 6, Plot 58) If you see people around we are more than willing to go IC most of the time.


Good luck on your RP and hope we see you around!

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