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Timeline Question


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Okay, I did a brief scan and I might be blind but I'm not sure I see my answer in this part of the forum anywhere, so for the sake of a quicker response, I'll just post my question:


Starting from where ARR starts,


The invasion of Ala Mhigo happened 20 years ago. Five years after that was the Battle of Silvertear Lake in 1562 of the sixth astral era. The battle of Carteneau (the trailer) takes place 10 years after that in 1572 I assume, in Mor Dhona and the game, by that explanation ARR will take place 5 years later in 1577?


Is that wrong or right or... am I bonkers?

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The short answer is... it depends who you ask.


These two threads may help you understand why (particularly the first):

viewtopic.php?f=25&t=3125 ( this post specifically explains my own views: )



Some of us regard the events mentioned happening 12/17 years earlier rather than 10/15 to account for the two years of active RP that has happened. I don't know that this will ever create any major inconsistency because I can't foresee someone saying "remember in 1560 when..." as opposed to just "remember when..." - but it's one of those annoying little things.


I think most everyone agrees that 1572 is where we left off, and 1577 is where we'll be picking up though. It's the whole "passage of time" thing - both before 1572 and after 1577 - that has people a little befuddled.

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I see. I figured there was a year or two missing but could find no real details on it and now I see why. But otherwise the older dates are correct, yes?


1557 Ala Mhigo invasion

1562 Battle of Silver Lake

Then there'd be two years in here somewhere

1574 would be the Battle of Carteneau

then 1579 would be the start of ARR...


I was playing around with a birth year for my wiki, which I suppose would have been easier if this was during FFXIV in the beginning than now with that untimely gap. But I suppose I can forego it. Tyvm.

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The gap certainly makes things weird - particularly for those of us disappearing into the rift for 5 years. Technically we're not aging, so even though Eva would have been born in 1540, she'd have lived for 32 years and change (and not 37 even though the date would fall 37 years after her birth date).


I think those dates you mentioned sound correct though. But different people may regard things differently - particularly if a character's backhistory is tied closely. For instance if a character started RP in 2010 (RL year of course) and had a 15 y/o character that was born during the Ala Mhigo drama, they're going to probably regard that as having happened in 1555 rather than 1557 because the character would be recalling it as being 17 years ago instead of 15. But according to the devs, officially, 1557 is supposed to be the year of the Ala Mhigan invasion. 1562 is Silvertear Falls. 1572 is the battle at Carteneau Flats. 1577 is the year at which the events of ARR are supposed to pick up.


It's kind of messy because some people are willfully breaking from what they're telling us are official dates (but only for stuff before 1572 - I think everyone is in agreement that the battle's happened at 1572 and we're starting ARR in 1577.)


I realize this is very confusing. To make things a little more clear, the duration of the game in its 1.0 phase is being regarded by many (I think most) of us as having occurred between 1570 and 1572. I think the game developers would have us regard ALL past events from 1.0 launch date in 2010 to Carteneau Flats in 2012 as happening entirely within the year of 1572. For many of us who have had a lot of character development, that's simply not practical.

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I fear this is becoming something of a mantra at this point, but "wait for the beta" might be the best advice for now. I imagine more info will be incoming by the end of it, and on the bright side, you do have plenty of time before release to come up with details such as birth dates.

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I think if SE has decided that the battle of Carteneau was in 1572, that's probably what they're going to stick with-- though with the heights and such I could see us either reaching our own conclusions or maybe some information like on classes and such being finally elaborated upon. It doesn't seem like their timeline is something they'll change just to accommodate roleplayers, but that might just be me.


Thank you both for your responses, I think so long as I have those other dates set in stone, I'm pretty set.

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I'm not really sure beta will address this point. In terms of what the game will almost certainly cite:


1. The present year is 1577.

2. The Battle of Carteneau Flats occurred 5 years ago (1572).

3. Silvertear Falls battle happened 15 years ago (1562 officially; some RPers may say 1560)

4. Ala Mhigo was sacked 20 years ago (1557 officially; some RPers may say 1555).


I believe everyone can agree with #1 and #2. The issue is that we've been told from the very beginning that Ala Mhigo happened 15 years ago. Granted we were told that over the span of two full years, so a lot of RPers took that to mean it happened 17 years ago. The game won't acknowledge this, however. That's where some RPers run into problems with it. But the dates above are what S-E seems to be sticking with officially.

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