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New to RP in FFXIV, Balmung.

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Looking to make some friends or find a RP FC! I'm mostly active around 2am eastern time and all day on the weekends, due to my job. I'd like a socially active FC with some progression and other fun events!


My name is Niko, been MMO'ing and RP'ing for years. I'm a laid back kinda guy, who's usually up for helping out friends, adventuring or just hanging out in the tavern.



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Hello hello! Welcome to the RPC and to Balmung!


If you're looking to join an RP FC, I recommend checking out the Linkshell section of the site. I'm sure you'll be able to find something that suits both you and your character.


If you have any questions, need help, or need an RP buddy every now and then, feel free to poke me a message either here or in-game.

Once again, welcome! (/) o v o)/)

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