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  1. 1) Tier 4 Aquarium 2) Ramie Poncho 3) Shaggy Stoat Thanks again as always for doing this!
  2. [align=center] Weekly Family Visits.[/align]
  3. [align=center][/align] [align=center]We're Alive![/align] You've heard it here, folks! Starfall Trading Co. is catching its second wind and will be continuing its appearance in Balmung once more. After a bit of cleaning up, planning, and bumping our heads together for ideas, we will be opening up our doors of recruitment in the near future. So What Changes Are Going Through Starfall Trading Co. ? In the past, ST-RP was based more on the company than the community. We've realized that as a company focused on mercantile, we need to properly communicate with those
  4. A'mahri: Angsty teenage cat-girl runs off with a strange Ishgardian man she only met a day prior to build things and make moolah.
  5. Since I..er..kinda poofed for a little bit and mostly lurk on this forum nowadays, I figured a reintroduction was in order (mostly because I kinda botched my first one when I first joined the RPC a while back @-@; ). [align=center]ANYWAY. [/align] [align=center]A Bit of Background Info.[/align] My S/O and I have transferred to Balmung from Mateus a little over a year ago, being Mateus kinda didn't have any RP..like, at all. Upon hearing that Balmung is a good source of RP, and being that my S/O and I are both RPers with a bit of experience under our belt, we jumped ship
  6. Starfall Trading Co. is currently undergoing some MAJOR reconstruction, so recruitment and events will be cancelled until everything's done. It's about time we open up a new chapter.
  7. [align=center] Starfall Trading Co. Weekly Report - July 3rd[/align] Hello Friends! This has been such a wonderful yet busy week for us at Starfall Trading Company! What seemed like an overwhelming start to the week with the countless orders upon us, it quickly turned into a great success. By the end of the week we got some well-deserved time to welcome our new colleagues that joined aboard. Without further ado, allow us to give you all the juicy details! [align=center]_________________________________________________________________________​​ Goodies on the Go! [/
  8. [align=center] Starfall Trading Co. *late, again* Weekly Report - June 26th[/align] Ahoy, FFXIV community! Starfall Trading Co. here with your weekly report. Being the company had been settling into the new house, not a lot had happened within the company. Worry not, though! A heavy influx of IC orders have been coming into the company as of late, so ST-RP is ready to go to work yet again. Additionally, we have a few special announcements to make - so let’s go right into it, shall we? [align=center]_________________________________________________________________________​​
  9. A'mahri


    Welcome welcome! (/) o v o)/)~ *
  10. [align=center][/align] [align=center]Starfall Trading Co. *late* Weekly Report - June 12th[/align] Have a belated 'Happy June', everybody! Starfall Trading Co. here with your weekly report. After taking a bit of a break to prepare for patch 3.3, we're back in action - and we're definitely excited to share some good news on our end, too! Now that 3.3 has rolled in, there's a whole buncha new content in store! Some of us have sampled what Square has thrown at us, and we're pretty pleased for the most part (except for Mhach...sheesh!). Being we've skipped over last week's report, let'
  11. [align=center] Starfall Trading Co. Weekly Report - May 22nd[/align] Happy Sunday, everyone! A'mahri Kahz and Dezmond Neophytos here with your weekly Starfall Trading Co. report. This week, the company wrapped up business in Thanalan and are now en route to Mor Dhona! Additionally, two of our members engaged in an Eternal Bonding ceremony this week, so congratulations to both Sareyu Ejinn and Balther Strongblade. May your hearts continue to beat as one until the very end! [align=center]________________________________________________________________________________​_______[/align]
  12. Another Mabinogi player, hello!!! Welcome to the RPC and to FFXIV! Everyone's pretty friendly here, so don't hesitate to ask questions should any more come up - we'll be glad to help. (/) o v o)/)
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