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“Mama, mama, tell me again. tell me again why Faloraux and I are special!” A small elezen girl with a snaggling front tooth grinned up at a much taller woman, whose bright violet eyes matched her own. The woman smiled, wiped her hands on her skirts and knelt cooing “You see, little moon, you and Faloraux are special, because the Lover gave you her gift! You and your brother have great magic within you. Greater than anything our clan has ever seen. Father and I just know you’ll both become something wonderous” The small girl grinned, rubbing muddy hands on her smock before letting out a giggle and running off. 


The images blurred, the little girl was older now, running alongside a man who shared her jet black hair and grey blue skin. “C'mon, Faloraux, you slowpoke! Im going to get home first, and then everyone is going to know Im the stronger twin!” She grinned at him and stuck out her tongue before letting out a whoop of laughter. He stuck his tongue out at her and panted, his steps matching hers as he tried to catch up “S'not fair you had a head start!” His voice cracked and boomed, manhood quickly approaching the young male. He could not help but smile as he chased after his sister, his laughter echoing around the cavern walls. She laughed with him. “Valentinoix will be so pleased we found the mushrooms he needed for supper, Im excited!” The girl waved a hand and blue light danced around her lighting their way through the caverns, both duskwights laughing as they raced home. 



The images warped and changed again, this time to reveal a cavern crumbling, Acrid smoke filled the air, her nostrils flared as she coughed, turning to look for her brother with watering eyes. Her mothers voice in the distance called, fearful and full of panic. “Run little moon, we must run!”. She looked around and sped in another direction, faloraux faloraux she must find faloraux. The cavern began to collapse, her eyes widenened. A large male form entered her gaze, a face just like hers offering a comforting smile. She opens her mouth to scream, but not a sound comes out. Silence. Each frame moving slowly, as though time slows, then stops. She can feel the rain on her face, her name being called. “Lunelle, Lunelle, oh gods Lunelle, wake up. Im sorry, Wake up!”

She opens her eyes, meeting the gaze of a pair of bright blue ones, creased with worry, a bearded face breaks into a weak smile. It was just a dream.

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