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[Balmung] Aethertide Ventures Masked Date Auction

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Itching to have a wonderful night with a mystery date, or simply someone to aid you with their special skills? Then bring your gil down to the luxurious Drunken Moogle tavern, located at Ward 4, Plot 8 of the Lavender Beds on the 14th Sun of the Third Astral Moon at the 8th Bell of the Evening [May 14 at 8:00 PM EST] for a most entertaining evening: a blind date or contract auction! Auctionees will be masked and presented to you by a description alone, names and particularly telling skills withheld.


You are encouraged, but not required, to wear a mask to this party! You are also encouraged, but not required, to disable names in your UI. It adds to the mystery!


Please note that although this is advertised as a “date” auction, some characters do not want to participate in a romantic date, and instead offer their company, time, or services. Therefore, your gil is buying a “contract” with them for a night. Their specifications will be made IC known when they are being auctioned so there’s no surprises. If you want to be auctioned and don’t want it to be romantic, there is room for you! All this said, please respect the OOC and IC wishes of those you win.


Your donations will be going towards the future home and furnishings of the Aethertide Ventures Heavy RP FC, and for that purpose alone. Donations are final. The characters accepting your donations are Vi Lindon and H’aku Tsesa of <>, no one else! We are raising money to provide a home for our wonderful, growing community, that we may finally enjoy the benefits of this privilege. Your contributions are humbly appreciated, and we hope to reciprocate with some fantastic and creative RP that you will always remember.








  1. Known affectionately by some as “Chess Piece”, this knightly man will surely pledge his service to you tonight.
  2. He’s a wanderer, a vagabond, and a passionate lover. You may just find him awaiting you with a rose clenched between his teeth. 
  3. This scruffy little man might not look like much, but he's determined to give you a happy memory tonight.
  4. He is a man bred by hardship, and he has traveled far and wide. The stories he can tell are dwarfed only by his passion for you.



(And more to come!)






  1. [align=center]

    An enchanting woman from Doma, her nature is feisty and forthright. Those who want a night with this lady will have to fight for it.


  2. A gentle spirit with a golden heart, this lovely young woman will be starstruck to hold anyone’s hand tonight.

  3. An experienced medical practitioner and professional, this woman of Ala Mhigan background is capable of reading your fortune.

  4. Her deep, red eyes and unnaturally pale skin may be unnerving to some… and an adventure for others. 

  5. A writer and owner of a local bar in the Shroud, this studious young woman will delight in your company.

  6. This tall, mysterious woman seeks knowledge and wisdom in all her affairs, and perhaps she would like to get to know you, as well.

  7. This woman's professional demeanor will break down in settings of informality, revealing her true and charming self to the world.

  8. She's rather hairy, and a little dirty, but don't let her exterior fool you: she's a bundle of joy and well worth your time!

(And more to come...)




[align=center]AUCTION FAQ




[align=center][align=left]Q. Do I have to spend gil? 

A. Yes. This is to help AV-RP raise money for our house and that requires real gil. If you want to come RP without bidding, you’re welcome to do so.



[align=left]Q. Who is taking the donation money?

A. The characters who will be accepting your gil donations are H’aku Tsesa and Vi Lindon, and ONLY these characters. Do not give your gil to anyone else![/align]



[align=left]Q. Can I be auctioned off if I’m not in AV-RP FC or LS?

A. Unfortunately due to the high turn-out and interest in this, we’re putting a cap on how many auctionees there are. You can still try to apply but you may not be added, so please don’t be disappointed if you don’t make it on as an auctionee. Please PM me a description of your character no longer than 2 paragraphs. If we can work you in, we will.[/align]



[align=left]Q. How do I bid on someone?

A. All auctions start at 10k minimum bid. They will go up in multiples of 5k. Shout out your bid and compete! The auctioneer will call “sold” to the highest bidder. Then, your date will join you and the both of you can both IC and OOC arrange a time for your date night. 




Q. I just got auctioned off, what’s expected of me?

[align=left]A. Follow through! Somebody paid real gil for you, so be sure to give them your best. If they are OOC or IC disrespecting your character’s wishes, however, there is no shame in calling it off. You, as an auctionee, are not obligated to follow through with something if you’re not comfortable with it. If you are harassed, contact an AV-RP officer. The officers are Vi Lindon, H'aku Tsesa, Eduard Harlow, and Khyran Oisin.



[align=left]Q. My date/contract didn’t follow through, can I be refunded?

A. Unfortunately, no. All donations are final. If your date stood you up and you can’t OOC work it out with them, please let an AV-RP officer know so we can help resolve the situation.



If you have a question, feel free to ask below, and we will add it to the FAQ.


SPECIAL THANKS: To the Drunken Moogle for allowing us to use their services. Learn more about them here!


[align=left](Some details, specifically the amount of gil required for a bid, is subject to change.)



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The stage is all set! Much thanks to the Drunken Moogle for providing media presence on Tumblr and providing us with such an amazing space to do it in! Check them out here at http://drunkenmoogle.tumblr.com/. They also have an event coming up tonight!



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