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Heya everyone! So, I tried FF14 out awhile back but couldn't get on Balmung normally, and wasn't willing to shell out the extra cash for a server transfer at the time. Eventually I stopped but now I'm back, and with my characters now properly moved over to Balmung (finally decided to bite that bullet) I have no clue where the RP scene is at. =) So if anyone has any tips on where to catch some RP out on FF14's pretty streets that would be greatly appreciated. Also, I'm not sure if there's a collective RP LS for Balmung, but if there is, any knowledge on how to join in on that would be awesome as well.


Thanks for your time and hope to see some of you guys out there. =)

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Hello there, welcome to Balmung! :D You'll find the usual tavern RP hub to be in Ul'dah at the Quicksand/Adventurer's Guild. Joining an RP FC is another great way to dive into the RP scene, as is keeping track of the RP events posted here on the RPC and attending them. There is no official collective RP linkshell for the server (there are way too many of us RPers on Balmung for that!), but if you check out the Linkshell Hall you can find some great role-play linkshells on the server, including ones for general role-play.

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