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A Final Fantasy Retrospective

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The Complete series as presented by the late Gametrailers. Perhaps this belongs in the lore section since XIV takes so much influence from it's predecessors. But I thought this would be fun for folks to look back upon to see how things have evolved over the years.


(( Still have my NES copy of Final Fantasy in a box somewhere in my house. :D ))



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I love this retrospective! Their episode on FFXI is actually what got my ex and I to start playing it, back in 2008-ish. It looked like so much fun, we just had to try it...


I wouldn't have picked up FFXIV back at launch if I hadn't been craving something like FFXI again after we quit the game and then broke up. And then I wouldn't have picked it up again a couple years ago with my current partner if I hadn't still had the 1.0 CE laying around with an unused buddy pass. Now that I think about it, this retrospective was practically life-changing for me. I'll have to sit down and watch it in its entirety.


Rest in peace, Gametrailers.

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Here is the TLDR video version:




No no I am watching the video you posted though and it is good, it has a lot of info that people might not know about. ...I've played ...almost every FF cept the weird 'new' side ones. New being anything after 2009.

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