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Rerolled, remastered (maybe), re...posting?

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Hi all!


I used to lurk/post here a little while ago, and in the time since my initial flurry of posts on the fun prompts and making connections Averill has been through a great deal - most prominently, a rework!


Not content to give the free-roaming archer an easy time of carrying on, I've taken him back to his roots and rebuilt him from the ground-up. With this in mind, I'm looking for folks to connect with an build him further with.


Averill spends a lot of his time out away from civilisation, from the Thanalan wastes to the very borders of the Orn Wilds (even further ICly but y'know. Air walls and such). As a result, he's a great companion for outdoorsy folks or people with a reason to avoid the cities.


He's great in combat environments and functions well outside of them. He's played a number of roles in his current FC, as mercenary, companion and antagonist.


I'm looking for long-term contacts for arching stories, but one-offs are awesome too! Anyone who's interested, hit me up.

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