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Tycoon/ Consulting Criminal LF an active Body Guard

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The character I'm looking for such on is named Gerald Stone. He's of the criminal variety, offering a number of services that range from hits to evidence disposal. I don't particularly mind Race/Gender, he's just looking for someone willing to take a near full time position for all of his business needs and professional looks. Chances are I will likely pay a monthly fee like you're on a legit pay roll. All I ask is that you be courteous OOC and basically not a dick. I don't expect you to be at my side 24/7, but at least be active and amiable to being called upon. I'll be flexible, and if you're busy, I'll understand on an OOC level. Willing to do RPs and the like on a consistent basis as well, if that's something the RP partner is looking for. I'm all about communication and connection, so let me know if you're interested and we'll see what we can hook up :)

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