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Looking for an FC to show me the ropes

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Hi there, I'm looking to find a FC that would accept a newbie to roleplaying. I used to RP on and off several years ago but never anything too serious so I'm probably going to be really rusty/slow to reply, at least at first.


Although I have barely anything written down at the moment, I'm looking to play more of a economy focused/merchant/information broker type of character, since I usually prefer playing more of a background support character rather than a frontlines hero type, so any advice in that department would be much appreciated too.


In regards to time I live in the UK and usually play in the afternoon/evening GMT so any FC that's in the EU or heck just an active one from the US would be good I think.


So yeah, I'm also down for helping out with dungeons and crafting but RP would be the main thing for me, I'm usually online with my main; Francois Thomas, so feel free to send me a tell ingame or PM me here, hoping to hear from somebody!

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Hey there! I'm Culann, a member of The Bloodhawks. Nice to meet you!


First off, I'd like to say don't worry about being new / just returning, the community is really marvellous here. 


Personally, I'm from the UK myself and seeking some EU RP partners, so I'd be glad to help you get back into things! I'll contact you in game and maybe we could get something set up. Culann would probably be interested in asking you some things, depending on what information you have!


The Bloodhawks are a hunting/adventurers type guild and I could really see your character fitting in. (We're always seeking non-combatants. Maybe your character could be our contact for getting our hunting contracts!) We're glad to accept new RP'ers and would love to show you the ropes if you'd like to RP with us at some time. Our EU-Presence isn't too strong right now, (It's me!) But our US members are quite early risers and usually get RP around 6pm~ or so our time. We're a small FC and a group of friends first before anything else so if that sounds like the kind of community you'd want to be part of, I'd love for you to meet some of us. Not pushing you to join us, but it's always nice to have RP contacts! We RP with plenty people not in the FC.


Look forward to seeing you in game!



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