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Hello Adventurers! *Edit*

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I'm a returning player to FFXIV. I Played when the game first launched, and again a few years later as a legacy. Here I am again.


My characters are:

Server - Balmung

Sentinel Marcieles (Hyur Midlander) Paladin Lv. 41

Damariel Avonej (Elezen Wildwood) Archer Lv. 4

Al'dus Sandstorm (Lalafell Dunesfolk) Arcanist Lv. 3



I have always wanted to RP, and never got around to finding a community. I'm hoping to find one on Balmung. I'm relatively new to Roleplaying in MMO's, but I do know that God Modding, Perfect Characters, and Seperation of IC/OoC are no-nos from my times in chatroom based RP and Forum Based. I'd really like to get into a Free company that can help me grow as a roleplayer. I will be on Sentinel a majority of my time, unless someone would like to start roleplaying a beginner's tale with one of my other characters. 



Any help would be appreciated.

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Hi! This community has existed for a couple of years now, and despite some faces and names coming or going or changing it's remained fairly solid. The trick to getting into Balmung is an annoying one, though: Due to the server population and our tendencies to remain logged in for long windows, it sort of... doesn't unlock. Like, ever. There used to be a window open immediately before or after maintenance but those only last a minute at most now, if at all.


The most effective way to get here is to throw cash at the Extra Services option on Mogstation: 18bux USD will let you transfer up to 8 characters from elsewhere onto a new server, so long as the characters are at least 72 hours old (from creation, not in-game time).

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My suggestion is make 7 other people to transfer as well, just get them through the opening quests so you can clear out any veteran reward mail and the like, then let them sit for three days. That way if you decide you like RPing you have 7 other character that you could potentially choose from and all for the same $18 that you are transferring the one guy over for.

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The best part about moving the whole eight people over is that, because you're legacy, you'll get a free fantasia when you start and another one at the 30day sub perk. All you need to get "right" are names for your new characters because you'll have two free chances to edit how they look. Remember, fantasia is just character creation all over again, so you can change races and stuff on top of just features. The only thing you don't get to edit is the name.

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