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Misha'to Nhami: Looking for a Teacher!

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I know I posted a looking for connections thread with the roguishly handsome Miqo'te before, but I am making a newer, more specialized looking for connections thread. This one will be much more focused, as I am really only looking for one thing at the moment. And what is that, you might ask?



[align=center]This guy needs a machinist teacher![/align]




Yes, that is the main point of this thread. I would like to start working on the foundations of Misha'to's eventual transition ICly and OOCly into the machinist class. To do this, I would like someone who is already a machinist who he could start an apprenticeship under. Someone who is already well versed in the craft themselves. It would really go a long way toward helping me with my goal. If you have such a character who is willing to take on a student, feel free to send me a note here on in-game at 'Misha'to Nhami'.


One last thing: If one knows of any FCs that are engineering themed or could use an engineer/machinist, let me know too.

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