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The Gin Mill Brawl Pub

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There’s a 100 gil “insurance” fee, chump change, but we’re not paying for your dental… or funeral. This event is “secret” in that it’s not posted with flyers, but spread by word of mouth either through PC or NPC’s, namely those with connections to the shady sides of the cities. You don’t need to be a dark character to overhear some careless drunks!


This is a brawl style fight scene, there are no medics presently on scene, and if you kill someone, you'll need to answer to the boss! No godmoding, you will be ejected and blacklisted from future events, no exceptions. Deaths are possible, but it is something you MUST work out with your opponent beforehand OOCly as well as let Rel know OOCly before it happens. BEFORE the fight



When and where? Every 2nd Tuesday at 8:00PM EST Mist Ward 12 Plot 34.



Guard players/FC’s are welcome but will need to contact Relavel or Button before crashing the party as arrangements need to be made OOCly to accommodate.



Fight Night will exercise basic /random combat.

/random to determine post order. /random to attack/defend, highest wins the roll. First 3 hits, wins; ICly that should be a KO or a tap out, loser's choice. There is a 15-20 min time limit on fights, depending on how many fighters we have for a given night. At the end of that time limit, the host will let the fighters know. If no one has reached 3 hits, the person with the highest hits wins, if there is a tie, the host reserves the right to determine how the winner will be determined in a fair manner. Questions are more than welcome here and at the time of the event!



100 gil entry fee. Winner of each fight will get the 200 gil pot (The fee is subject to change for future events. This is also real or rp gil, no one is obligated to REALLY pay.)



IC Rules:

  • No weapons unless the two fighters agree to weapons.
  • No killing ((without permission from other player, no godmoding)). You will be suspended from fighting in Gin Mill fights for two full events (essentially a month), and you’ll be fined 500,000 gil!


“We’re not lookin’ to have the blasted guards on us, savvy?”



Sign ups:Those interested in fighting will need to let Relavel know before 9:00 pm EST, a full hour after the event has started. Fights are limited so we can not promise you will get a spot on this week's roster if you wait this long, but you will be put on the waiting list in case of no shows or drop outs.


[align=center]Sign up HERE[/align]



Since the fights WILL be one at a time, if you wish to fight, it is strongly suggested that you let me know ASAP, spots ARE limited.



We have a Link Shell for those interested in that, please contact Relavel for an invite.


Your feedback and participation is appreciated and extremely important to us! Thank you!



Contact Button Elakhl ingame, The Gin Mill's Tumblr or message Relavel here for more information.


For the full detailed tumblr listing, visited us here.

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[align=center]Event tonight![/align]


When and where? May, 17th at 10:00PM EST Central Thanalan, 25,15.



Sign ups for fighting are closed for tonight's fight. However, sign ups for next week are open! Time will change for next week's event, so please stay tuned for that!

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Thank you everyone who came out! I'll be cleaning this up a bit and posting updates for future events!


Same day and place next week only at 8:30 PM EST. Just a bit earlier.


Sign ups are full for next week but please come by anyway, sometimes people don't show or cancel and there's always the chance for another gauntlet! Other special fight events planned for the future.

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This Tuesday! Be there or be----somewhere else, clearly! Sign ups are no longer "pre-sign up" only. The sooner you sign up, the earlier your fight will be. Spots are still limited so be there early to get on the list!


Main event every Tuesday allows for you to fight even if you don't make it on the roster for the night! So come on out!

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[align=center]PSA to Fight Event Goers[/align]



It is no mystery that events like the Brawl Night are high tension, ICly dripping with drama and possible leads to drama, this is by design. However, it is extremely important to remember there is a LINE between OOC and IC. We here at The Gin Mill will not tolerate drama being spread OOCly because of our events.


**If you feel someone has taken something IC to OOC, please reach out and talk to the person in tells. It should be common knowledge that IC actions do not depict OOC feelings. At least they shouldn’t.


**Should you gain proof (chat confirmation) that this has happened, please screenshot and send to Alvered. Do NOT take it to a LS and bad mouth someone. If you have a concern with someones conduct at a Gin Mill event, direct your concern to Alvered.


**Be mature. Do NOT slander someone with half information or incomplete information, or fabricated information.




Some of you may be aware of the unfortunate falling out surrounding our Main event tonight; Tuesday 5-31. And it has been boldly suggested someone fabricated information. However, I, Alvered, have personally gotten screenshots from several people, from all sides and even reached out to those not even present at the event but had shown to have information to the events that took place. There was a major break down in communication and confusion, and I will outline what happened here. I have prepared screenshots but those will remain in my possession, just know I have proof to back up what I am claiming.


An emote was made and unfortunately was incomplete, a typo. We all do them and with the fast pace of the fight taking place at the time (an 8 person Royale), it is not surprising this happened. The fighters were in a party with an in house fighter for the Gin Mill and a correction was made RIGHT after (2 mins to be exact) the emote and roll were made. The roll was made promptly and the mistake was noticed after, this is also not surprising. However, the correction was made in a timely manner that I would allow it. It was later reported in the public channel for those watching, but it wasn’t till 10 mins later that that happened and it created a misunderstanding that the original correction had been made at the same time as the public one. This is not so and the public is not entitled to an OOC correction that isn’t massively vital to the fight. One name being left out is easily over looked and SHOULD have been easily laid to rest when it was stated that the correction had been made. --Note-- Upon further review, it appears there was NO fabrication in the chat logs, however, they were not reported properly and thus furthered the confusion and misunderstanding.


In the same emote an action was made and rolled for, however, it was not an attack. This too was misunderstood, and explained in party to the individual. I, personally, would not have required a roll for the sand throwing as it is a cheap shot and the nature of this event is to fight dirty. No hit points were taken off for the roll, therefore only one attack was indeed made. Unfortunately at this point emotions were high and things had escalated. I was not even made aware of it till it had disrupted my event to the point of having to shut it down without completely the main event.




This is very important and I am saddened that I must state it, as it should have been common knowledge, if you have an issue, please come to a moderator with a screenshot of what’s happening and be open minded and level headed so that things can be sorted out. I’m not expecting everyone at these events to love each other and be best friends 100% of the time but I do expect people to be civil and mature OOC. ICly your characters are here to fight, and they’re here to fight hard and cause some damage, I full expect to hear IC insults thrown around, side fights to break out (keep those minor to not disrupt the event fights, please). But when it bleeds into OOC then it becomes an issue for me. I would hate to have to cease these events because people could not keep their heads.


There is nothing I can do about this but I’m going to state it anyway. I do not care what someone did or didn’t do, I do not care if you think they were whiney or if they were being a baby or an elitist or a godmoder or pretending to be a fish. You should NEVER attack a person’s character. You can not like them, that’s fine, but when you begin to tear someone down, whether they “deserve it” or not, you have become less than them. You have become nothing but a child and you should be ashamed of yourself. We here at The Gin Mill do NOT condone those actions and despite what happens, we will do our very best to part ways with others on a neutral note, at the very least.


We’re all here to have fun and enjoy rp, don’t forget that this is a game. People from all over the world play this game, you are not going to like or agree with everyone, not by a long shot. It’s up to you to be a mature adult and take the high road and move on if something or someone is doing something you don’t like or agree with.

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Even though there is new content out to play with, The Gin Mill will STILL be having fight night tonight at 8:30 pm EST



However, if we do not meet the minimum number of fights for th e night we will simply cancel and resume next week. So enjoy the new content!

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*Join us for out last night in the Cave! 7/26

*Entry fees for fighting are waved!

*Fights will be elimination!

*Final 3 fighters will go head to head in a 3 way match for the grand prize!


So be there, sign up and lets make our last night in the cave count!


Central Thanalan (x25, y15)

8:30 PM EST

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