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  1. I'd just like to note that I would have given up on RPing in Final Fantasy were it not for the awesome people of the Maelstrom Command RP linkshell. I found them by chance and timidly began attending events. I was scared and ready to be asked to go away, because that had been how other groups had treated me in the game. And I did go away a few times, not because they pushed me away, but because I fled in an effort to protect myself from possible pain. I feared I would not fit in, that I would not be welcomed as a part of their community. I worried that my character would not be the kind of character that was wanted, because that had been my experice on so many previous occassions with other groups. I had a lot of fears. What I found was healing. Their kindness, and genuine caring for others, gave me the safe environment I needed to mend the wounds that had been left on my psyche from other roleplay and freecompany experiences. I found people who accepted that sometimes I just wanted to hide in the corner and watch others roleplay. At the same time there was a gentle and very welcomed inclusion and efforts extended to help me ease out of my shyness and find RP with the group. The Maelstrom Command linkshell is everything that the people who posted before me here has said and so much more. And while some of the posts here are old by now - the group is still everything they had said when they posted their comments. To give you an idea of where I am coming from in my perspective on this group: I have been officially diagnosed with acute social anxiety, resulting in PTSD nearly on par with soldiers returning from war. I hide away from even close family for fears I don't even fully understand. The kindness and support that the Maelstrom Command linkshell shows to all of their members has made me feel safe and comfortable in ways that I can never thank them for enough. Most important for me is that when I hide from the world, or life forces me away from the game, the members of Maelstrom Command are supportive and welcoming when I return. The kind of RP that they do might not be for everyone, but in my experience, and obervations of Fleet, they try hard to find ways to help and welcome any seeking a safe place to RP. They try to nurture the kind of open and inclusive community where everyone can thrive and create the stories that help us all escape the hardships of life, even if only for a few hours a month. I'll shut up now before I rable for another four paragraphs, just know that if you have been battered around by the storms or have had poor encounters with toxicity, Fleet might be able to offer a safe harbor where you can heal as they did for me. I have even got brave enough to co-host an event recently! I'd like to say I am over being afraid, but instead I will post this before I either hypervhentilate, or erase it, - or both. TY to all the members of the Maelstrom Command linkshell communuty for making it such an awesome place to be a part of!
  2. I'd like to sign up for this. Also, if folks wanna give Tris a ring name feel free to, he's still new to fight stuff and would never consider giving himself one.
  3. Is it too late to sign up to participate in this? If not Company of Heroes would be interested in helping out as well. Our Company leader can usually be found online as Liam Connor, or I can be found on Tris'tan Aonar or Krys'a Lyrabhe most of the time.
  4. What a wonderful idea. Thank you. So... organized in the order of things I would pick them? Hard, but... looking in terms of items I really want... A Falconer's Shirt (Dyable) A Thavnairian Bustle A Fat Cat Minion A Company Tabard A pair of Music Boxes An Oriental Bathtub A set of South Seas Chair and Couch Thank you again and good luck to everyone. Happy Starlight celebration!
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