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A Miqo'te Reborn

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Well bugger me, as it really been nigh on three years since I've sat with this 'ole lot? Imma changed woman now too! No more wavin sticks around and throwin fireballs; Got me some book smarts now, an i bet it shows.  So 'ere I am, draggin my soddin' arse back to Eorzea, but thing as got me in a bit of a spot, if ya know what I mean. See, I ain't made o' bleedin gil, and these Inns are gettin a tad costly for me purse, so I'm lookin for a new place to drop anchor.  Most of the folks I known are long gone by now, and I feel much like a stranger now.  Me an my carbuncle don't take up much room, just gimme a cot in a quiet corner with a view and I'll be happy as a coeurl in a chocobo coop.

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Oooh lookit! Seasoned meat! Welcome back an' all t'at. I dunno much 'bout new boardin' an' all t'at, but I can understand 'bout wanting to return. Ain't nothin' like Eorzea. Enjoy yer stay. :thumbsup:

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