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Seeking a conjurer mentor

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The basics: Due to IC story reasons, Mina Rhaal, the world's most beautiful and talented bard (it's true, just ask her), seeks to learn some healing skills. I'm looking for an IC conjurer to teach her some healing magic.


The caveat: I have limited time to play and I'm on the west coast. We would have to RP on a Monday or Wednesday night at around 8:00 p.m. PST, or a Sunday afternoon. I am open to Skype RP, however, if that works best.


The details: 

  • I have WHM leveled OOC, but now I'd like to have Mina learn conjury IC as well, and I'd also like to have some fun RP/meet new people as she learns!
  • Mina is a midlander performer and part-time adventurer without a scrap of magical knowledge or experience, so she's a complete newbie.
  • Mina is outgoing, friendly, and well meaning, but... she's not the brightest, nor is she a fan of scholarship. Teaching her might be a challenge.

If you're interested, you can reply to this thread, message me here/in game (Mina Rhaal), or contact me through tumblr (minarhaal.tumblr.com) if you prefer.


ETA: I think I've got a teacher lined up, but if you're interested in RP (conjury or otherwise), let me know!

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