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Herro ~.

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Hello one and all, great and small ~. I'm Olette and it's a pleasure to meet you all. I was referred to this forum about a day ago, as I was in the Suggestions forum of FFXIVCore wondering if there would actually be a designated roleplay server for FFXIV. As I've seen thus far, there will not be one, but there is probably going to be a server for most roleplayers to come. Right ? I hope. Hehe.

Anyway, it took me a day to come here because I was actually reading the forums and making sure if this was the appropriate choice for one such as myself.

--What MMORPG background do you have?

I actually download MMOs when I get bored enough. The only one I've been able to stick with is probably FFXI. I tried World of Warcraft and didn't like the gameplay and story. Go figure. I come to wonder sometimes why I try MMOs. Is it just because of the action or the story ? I've merely dabbled in roleplay in FFXI. I enjoyed it, but I only had one person to roleplay with on that character. Perhaps now that I'm doing this in advance I'll be able to have a full-on roleplay experience.


--Is this your first RP experience or are you a veteran?

I've roleplayed since I was eight years old. Surprise, surprise. I typically roleplay on forums however, so I'm open to new experiences !

--Have you brainstormed any ideas about your character and if so, can you give us a simplified version?

My character is indeed a Miqo'te. However, I'm waiting for further information before developing her personality and such.


--How did you learn about the coalition?

As previously stated, I learned of this site from FFXIVCore. Heh.

--What kind of a role-player are you aiming to be? Light, casual, moderate, heavy, or something in between?

Well, it depends upon the circumstances and people I befriend, I suppose.


--Anything from real life youâre comfortable with sharing?

I love MMOs and cosplaying. Haha. I sound like such a nerd.

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Welcome Olette! I think our community is off to a great start. The RP Community definately has a much more solid foundation this time then in FFXI. So, I hope for your sake... heck for all our sakes, that you'll get to really enjoy a true RP experience. For myself, I never got to experience that until I played LOTRO. But while the story there appealed to me, the game not so much. I'm hoping the universe here will be fresh enough, as well as the RP community being strong enough, to keep me for a couple of years. We'll see!

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Hello all ~.

I've returned from the dead because I recently purchased the game. I'll be on every now and again so if ya see my character Reta Suri online, then go ahead and say hello if ya like. I'd love to participate in roleplay, so just let me know if anyone's up for it.

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