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PLF RP FC on Brynhildr

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I'm on Brynhildr; just wondering if anyone knew of an RP FC or LS that is currently active.  The only one I've seen mentioned (the Valkyrie one) appears to be defunct.


Alternatively, and I know this is a frequently asked question, any recent success in creating RP communities on servers that do not have regular character restrictions?


I'm aware that Balmung/Gilgamesh are likely my only real options, just poking around as a brand-new player looking for pleasantly hidden gems or something.


Not able to even attempt to build one, so looking to plug in.



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I've booted one up but have only been active for 3 days or so, meaning the thing is in its infancy. I am building a list of leads for characters who have expressed interest in RP but it will take some time to gauge their activity level.


Let me know by PM if you want to link up in game. I play NA West evenings and am usually med/heavy RP without too much grimdark. Walk-ups are fine, especially if I'm fishing.

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I am currently part of an RP LS and FC. The LS isn't FC locked, so you can join in it without feeling obligated to join any FCs. The Free Company aspect is a little different. It was originally Black Label Society, but several members have purchased their own FCs and so we created a small network of people. If you are interested to see what type of rp we have, feel free to visit our site: blacklabelfc.org Legendary Steelworks is the Company I am in and we are a gang of treasure hunters, working for the Miss Lilian Steel (daughter of Papa Steel if you know of him). We hold rp sessions in the open world, dungeons, 2.x raids, and we're really excited for the new treasure map and deep dungeon content. If you'd like any more information, send a /tell in game to either myself (Miyako Fubuki), J'nessa Gevair, or Lilian Steel... or of course, just reply in here. :)

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