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[12 may 2016] Chronicled Events Board

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Hello everyone. 


We now have an archive subsection for events! 

Ongoing moderation will happen wherein events that have come and gone will be moved to this new section. The events will be allowed to linger for a few days to allow for feedback comments.


The threads will always be available to browse so that you can see the details and comments of older events.


If a thread is archived that you wish to bring back to the events section, for example something that is becoming or resuming as a recurring event, just send a PM a moderator or use the report feature to request it. You can also always request that your event thread is archived. 


The [Cancelled] tag will be applied to events that were cancelled, including recurring ones.  


Specifically for recurring events: If an event-thread belonging to a recurring event hasn't had any posts within the last 2 months, that reflects the status of the event, it'll be moved into the chronicles.

Likewise, interest check-threads which have seen no activity for 2 months will also be moved. 


As always, if you experience any bugs or see something that looks odd, don't hesitate to contact the team.

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