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Returning to Eorzea

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Well.. it's been quite a while since I've been about due to life. But finally after more then a fourth of the year away, I should be able to start to get back into roleplay once more.


My normal play time would more then likely be 10pm and later EST Tuesday to Thursday with Saturday and Sunday being open most of the day but will be more then likely be covered by an event.


Now for my character... Asmodean Gaidin, an axmen from Ul'dah. Wile the Jewel is his birthplace, Asmodean is a wander at heart is often found out in the field traveling with a young female unicolt (unifilly?). Asmodean is known out in the smaller hamlet taking odd jobs here and there to make ends met. He has been known to avoid groups but he has tried to be more willing to associate with groups.


Asmodean can easily sever as a bodyguard if needed or should one need a message delivered (and you don't want to use moogle mail) he can be hired as needed. Just fair warning, Asmodean will have nothing to due with slavers, loan sharks or anyone associate with any Monetarist to his knowledge.


I need to knock some rust from my time away so any connections would be nice. feel free to pm me in game or here. Look forward to geting back into rp form.

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Hey there! If you're interested in roleplaying, you're very welcome to hang out with me! That is, if you don't mind hunting monsters. As that's pretty much all I do. Alternatively, if you've got plans and just want to do that, I'd be open to hearing it out and seeing what we can work out together c:.

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