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Open Night at The Velvet Rose!

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When: Every other Friday night at 10pmEST

Where: Goblet Ward 8, plot 3

Hosted by: The Rose Garden


What is it?: Open night at the VelvetRose in the Carnation Cafe, our down stairs bar/night club/lounge, is our bi-weekly entertainment night (this week on 6/3/2016)! Putting on live performances fromboth in house, and contracted performers.


Come, watch, and listen to thebeautiful voices of our singers, story tellers, dancers and play writes.


Not able to make it to the scheduledevent? Swing on by any time and just sit back and relax in our full service bar! 


The Carnation Cafe! Ul'dah's place tobe to get in out of the heat and have a nice drink.


Want to perform your own acts on ourstage? Contact U'vera Rahz, Ashe Zahra, Kali Kyte or Vandal Kragg to schedule an audition! Contracted performers get paid!


No door fees! But all guests arerequired to check weapons at our front desk before proceeding downstairs.

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when you say bi-monthly do you mean every other week or on specific weeks of each month? 


Due to the varying weeks in the month I highly suggest just doing "every other week" as it's a bit easier for people to remember (and have a repeating event on the calendars). Otherwise doing something like "The first and third Friday of each month" can work as well.

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