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Bryn greetings to you all~!

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Figured I had made a few posts, so I may as well get this out of the way. As the subject states, my current home is Brynhildr and I have 3 different characters on it. Miyako Fubuki is my main squeeze, so feel free to hit me up. I know most people come here looking for rp, but well... I come with it~! \o/ Though I am open to a few other rp's that are not quite associated with the one I'm in.


I joined FF:XIV for the MMO aspect and whenever new content comes out, I like to take my time with it, however, that is usually only to sidetrack me until an rp is going on. I'd prolly consider myself a "Medium" rp'er. My rp skills started back when I was a teenager on the good ol' site of GaiaOnline. Good times, good times.... It has showed me a new love that I don't think I will ever part with.


I like to draw (but not nearly as skillful as some people in here... They are amazing o.0), play games (play on PS4), and write (nothing in particular, I just like to let the creative juices flow). I found out about this site a long time ago actually, I just never really joined it until recently. Think I was referred by someone in the lodestone forums... can't remember. Not sure if I missed anything, but glad to be a part of this :3

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Welcome from Balmung! I am sad we can't meet in game, but I hope you can use this site to brainstorm and organize with other RPers regardless.


Your AV is pretty good btw. I can't even color, myself. xD

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