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regarding jobs -- not the how, but the what.

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so i normally main healer (though after twice in a row going through main story as WHM, i'm loathe to do it again), and i'm also partial to NIN, with my current character likely leaning BRD.


but looking around, i feel like these roles have been filled by a majority of the characters i've seen! there are plenty of conjurers and arcanists, archers/bards seem to be in none-too-short supply either. and while i don't mind this at all, i like to get through pve (gotta get that sweet AST unlocked) and would enjoy doing this with a group when possible.


basically my question here is are there any classes/jobs that are under- or overrepresented in the community? i know on such a big server as balmung it might not really matter, and the characters i've seen here are far from the only ones around, but this would also help me in helping brainstorm any secondary characters based on what role i wanted them to play.


again, this is saying nothing ill of the healers/bards/what have you, i think it's awesome that so many characters lean that direction in a fantasy setting! i'm just looking for a vibe on what's most-needed or most-missed, as it were.


(wasn't sure what forum to post this in, but i think character workshop works best?)

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