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As the forum in which I'm posting this would imply, I'm new to FFXIV RP (and fairly new to FFXIV—I have a freshly-dinged 60 on Faerie, but decided to reroll on Balmung rather than get into any endgame content).


I've been trying to get into RP in various different games (mostly WoW) but I've always had a hard time getting into it. I attribute this largely to my bad social anxiety, which makes walkup RP difficult for me.


I also have a few questions for you all.

  • What are some good resources for character development? I'd like to get better at making fleshed-out characters.
  • What would be some good RP FCs/linkshells for a shy person like me to join?


Mikh Relanah

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Welcome Rikh, I'm pretty new here myself so forgive me if I'm not all that much help! For help making a fleshed out character backstory, I guess I would recommend the section "Character Workshop" here on the coalition site. They look pretty helpful from all the previous posts, so hopefully they can help you too! Good FCs? I'm not sure myself... I don't play on Balmung, so I don't know anything that goes on there, but I hope someone can help you with tha tsoon! I'm super shy/anxious as well around new people, so I've never been able to do walk-ups, so here's to hoping we both can get better with it! Good luck and happy RP ahead!

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Hey hey! I'm new as well ;P So I won't be able to answer your questions very well, but I'm excited to start learning about other's characters regardless so, if you ever want someone to talk about characters with, hmu sometime! 'd love to hear from ya! Cya around!

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When you ask about resources, what do you mean? I think the game itself does a decent job of establishing the world and the general expectation of its inhabitants, though there are plenty of people on Balmung that skew both higher and lower of the "average" power levels or capabilities. Really, any concept you can come up with can probably work - you're just a lot more likely to find open-minded partners if you don't go too far to either extreme.


As mentioned, the Character Workshop is a good place to sound ideas with others. Making a thread with your general concept and finding some means to ground them is an excellent idea!


As for meeting linkshells and FCs, I cannot stress enough how crowded Balmung is with events. Check out the Calendar tab at the top of the page and look through what's offered: You're bound to meet new people and there's something for everyone out there! If you're not afraid to introduce yourself to strangers, you can come away with a ton of contacts.

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