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Old RPer, looking for more contacts!

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Well hey folks! Thanks for giving this a look if you do! Just a bit about me before I jump into the character that I want introduced a bit more to anyone wanting to put together a good story...or perhaps stories!


I've been RPing for a good many years now, as I'm sure most people here have been as well! Though one thing I've always been awkward on would be introductions, perhaps it's just how my characters are...or most likely just me. I never know how to start up a conversation without being simply that. Clumsy. So I figured coming here and talking about my character would get some folks interested in RPing and maybe I can finally get into introductions.


Now I consider myself to be a bit more of a mature RPer, as in I am fine with gritty, dark stories but I don't like to consider myself always like that, I can enjoy a mellow time RPing as well.


Okay! Now finally we can get into the character! Xdoferus Dubois. He is a Duskwight that is a bit odd for one of his kind. Not one for caves and the like, he actually spends quite a good amount of time hunting in the large forests of the Shroud. Calm and collected, he isn't one to be thrown off too often yet! He still doesn't understand the mind of the other races, even of his own. Seeming a bit more wild and even feral, he has a strange sense of wonder that could rival even the greatest of adventurers.


Recently having come upon a long lost friend, he could do nothing except watch as the friend gave his life to save his wife, an elder and even Xdoferus himself. Having seen everything occur seems to have lodged his past into a spot in his mind that he simply cannot find. He knows nothing of his younger days apart from bits and pieces he sees from dreams, of course these give him nothing but more questions. (Can't give away too much, part of his story!)


Protecting the pregnant woman whenever she travels, he spends most of his time listening and learning from everyone he encounters, he hopes to one day learn of why he exists.


Overall, he's still a big mystery but I would suppose I'm looking for contacts to sort of help him out of the jam he finds himself in, perhaps even learn something more! I love ongoing RP, long-term if you will! He's a character that I am even still learning about. Though he is one that I've had in my head for years now, I think I am finally ready to get him really going.


So there is a little synapsis! I'm down to answer and questions and whatnot if anyone has any! Though really, thanks for reading!

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I still have that issue myself with walking up to start rp. Part of it is due to the characters I play. Like one is more open while another will chill in a corner until something happens.


So I could toss some character names I play but because I'm that guy who plays even NPCS it may be weird to some.


Arala Makeo is my main toon in RP but Xyla (or Quint) is a close second. 


The problem with RP in my case is "why does this character want to speak to whomever?". I solved it through a third party ICly with Cobalon at Quints side who was more open to talking. 


So I wouldn't mind if he talks with Quint at some point. Though it's best to read her wiki in my signature to gauge of the character is okay

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Yeah..I would assume that is actually the main issue with my characters..there hasn't been too many reasons as to why he would speak to people, the man has lived by himself for quite some time..of course he doesn't freak out when he meets people though. He is just...learning how to do the proper things in the correct situations, or even how to reply without seeming out of it.


Overall he is doing a lot better compared to when he first debuted...but still work to be done.


Look over Xyla, seems like she'd be interesting! Most because he'd know she smells different when compared to all the others he has been around.

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Look over Xyla, seems like she'd be interesting! Most because he'd know she smells different when compared to all the others he has been around.

best chance you can get Quint is of course the quicksand but tuse/weds/thurs for me is raid night from 8PM EST to like 12AM EST

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