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Warhams Total War Thread

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Hey while overwatch gets all the glitter, warhammer total war also came out last night.


I played it a bit, seems good.


Dwarfs are too slow, but have several beard based research topics and random events, so that's good.


Overall it's the fastest and most polished total war yet. Loading the game only takes like 10 seconds! In Shogun 2 it still takes me like 2 minutes to start the game on the same computer. 

Anyway, if any one else got it let's nerd out.

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Been playing Warhammer and Total War for a few years now, so this game just makes me happy :D Seems chaos are a little on the powerful side, and Brettonia is a little on the weak end (If the enemy has majorly spearmen) but everything else seems really well balanced.

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