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Au Ra and scales

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I don't know if this has been brought up before, I can't find anything here about it and the official forum is blocked on the network I'm on.


But, I've been working on the background of my Au Ra girl a bit doing one of those giant questionnaires at the question came up about hygiene. So it occurred to me, would Au Ra have a special skin care routine to take care of their scales?


In doing some quick google searches it would seem to me like their scales are probably more like that of a crocodile than a iguana or something like. Alligators and crocodiles shed individual scales and as they grow older the scales are replaced with bigger, thicker ones. But often times the alligator/crocodile needs to have assistance with the scale like rubbing against a rock or tree to loosen it.


Do Au Ra shed their scales the same way? Is it something they need help with? Could Au Ra scale grooming parlors start to be a thing in Ul'dah and the other major cities as the population of Au Ra goes up?


I'm really curious if anyone else has thought about this or has any other ideas about it.

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I don't have any sources but I have a tonne of possibilities/ideas/additional questions...


  • Scale shedding is probably a parameter in skincare - possible to have "bad scales" like "bad skin"
  • It's possible shedding both too quickly (flaky, thin scales) and too slowly (thick, stiff scales) are uncomfortable as hell
  • Various groups of au ra might have their own rituals / creams / salves / snake oils to treat the various ways it can go wrong. Differences between raen and xaela? Differences between xaela clans?
  • What prompts scales to grow in certain places? The fact they're variable on face presets implies they can grow unique to the individual
  • I had the idea that certain types of skin injuries would result in scales forming instead of scar tissue - something that causes damage, but not enough to inhibit the skin layer that "becomes" scales?
  • Scale patterns and thicknesses changing based on environment - temperature / humidity / etc?
  • "Saunas" to assist with scale shedding? This would be a cute room to have in an Au Ra based FC house...
  • Do Au Ra get scalier or less scaly as they get older? If you have lots of / relatively few scales then would you be seen as a "baby" versus someone with the opposite?
  • How do scales affect heat regulation? Do they make it more difficult or less difficult in hot climates, for example? How does this differ between xaela (black scales - absorbent of heat) and raen (white scales - reflective)?
  • Do xaela sweat more than raen? Is this a point of contention?
  • Is "overall scale coverage" genetically or environmentally determined?
  • We know at least one xaela tribe use their shed scales to create armour and so forth - what properties does this have? What would it be most comparable to (piesteskin? basilisk skin? dare i say it - dragonskin?)
  • Are the scales individually hard and chitinous, or soft and leathery? Does this change once they're removed from the body?
  • What causes colour variations - e.g. some have red, purple, blue, or yellow tinges to their scales? Is it environmental - i.e. can it be affected by diet or skin treatments? Are some colours seen as more desirable? Could cosmetic scale colourants be a thing?


I could probably keep writing but. I have so many worldbuilding questions about au ra, you guys. So many questions.

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I could probably keep writing but. I have so many worldbuilding questions about au ra, you guys. So many questions.


Yes, all of those questions and so many more!! I really hope the lore book does cover some things. Though I fear it might be too much to hope that it would touch this as I've been burned by lore books before.


I get the feeling though that scale patterns and where they grow in are genetic within a family and or tribe. Maybe like how people grow hair differently?


It could be too since you made the point about soft and leathery vs chitinous that it could again be like people's hair where some people have really thin hair and others have crazy thick hair.

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