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A potential support group for addicts.

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Currently, Chouwa is trying to kick her alcohol addiction. After a relapse, she's a week sober and with a support system, she's doing well.

However this gave me an idea. How many other characters are trying to kick an addiction and need support?


Thus this interest check. I'd like to start an ic support group for characters with addictions. While I had alcoholics and drug addicts in mind, folks with other sorts of addictions are more than welcome to join in.


There'd likely be meetings once a week so people could talk face to face about their addictions and find help. Was planning on an ic-ls as well, that way people could stay in touch.


If anyone is interesting in having their character join or have any ideas, please let me know.

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This is an interesting idea. I know my character had a small bout of alcoholism in the midst of severe depression (something he still deals with to this day, but he's tons better). While RPing, I've ended up meeting a lot of players who's characters are doctors who provide behavioral health therapy. Maybe you can catch me in game sometime and I can introduce you? Also, if there is ever going to be a clinic or something opened for this in Thanalan, my character would be interested in supporting such a business.

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