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LF Rentable Room [Goblet]

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My character is apartment shopping! I just wanted to check ooc to see if there are any rooms for rent in the goblet area IC & OOC. Be it a spare corner of a private room/house or even with a roomate in the room! I just ask that she has 4 walls with a lockable door and no more than 10 item slots for some personal items to decorate with [which I will provide]. I would be happy to compensate with gil for a space to have my character IC rent for awhile. *Not interested in joining an FC. Just renting for character storyline!*


If anyone has a set up like this please leave the house number and your rates etc:thumbsup:


Thank you!

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Thank you for the tip, however I am a leader of an FC with a house. My room was turned into little apartments for characters who are not yet lvl50 to use for RP hence why I'm looking elsewhere [plus my character's current story and want for more IC connections].


Thank you ;)

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