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Searching a DRK mentor for a story arc

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Synopsis: After several moons of trying (and failing) to uphold his missing master's words of wisdom. Y'uraq's has inadvertedly succeeded in re-awakening and empowering the shadow that threatens to consume him and what remains of his sanity. Unable to stray from his duties from the Vylbrand Academy any further. Y'uraq Occassionally wanders around Limsa Lominsa's ports, in hopes he may spot a promising mentor among the crowds. The hour of his joining draws closer, and his time is running out


OOC: Hello and salutations! :D



I've been working on a very long personal character progression for my character, revolving around his mystery and his vicious demeanors when provoked. (Later discovered to be his darkside)


I'm currently setting up for a new dynamic story arc revolving around Y'uraq final, and desperate bid to regain control over him darkside. :D This could potentally mean he -could- fail, or succeed depending on the factors and events that'll determine his victory and redemption, or his downfall into a twisted, and potentially villainous character.  That could well be up to the kind of mentor he ends up getting, so whether you're a true walker of the path, or another fallen knight looking to corrupt and spread the chaos is also up to you.  (i'd rather not know OOC'ly :D)


On a side note: I -did- have a DRK mentor before who taught Y'uraq the phylosophical and meditative aspects of evoking and controlling his darkside, however Y'uraq boldly defied his master's stress against emotional attachments which have contributed to further losing control over his raging shadow.


There's also a lot about Y'uraq's history and developments with his darkside which can be read on his RPC Wiki under his past story arcs since the beginning (warning: LONG read)



some of the more recent story arcs have yet to be logged but I can go over recent events if requested.



That's about it, if you're interested or have an questions in taking the role of a DRK mentor for a troubled initiate. You may contact me either here, or in-game. o/


Also, MAJOR bonus if his potential mentor is also versed in thaumaturgy / black magic, they kind of go hand in hand with DRKs

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