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Back From Hiatus, Seeking Connections

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Hey everyone, I just got back into the game after a long time off. As a result I'm more or less functionally a newbie in the FFXIV RP scene again, and would love to meet people so I can start connecting with the community again. My character is Jeremiah Walker, who as an aside is a character I'm definitely up for help with fleshing out. I figured I'd start fresh character wise since its been so long.


Hoping to see some of you in game!

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Yeah, of course! Sorry, it was a little late when I posted that. Jeremiah is an adventurer/explorer from Gridania, and at present his goal is simply to see as much of Eorzia as possible. He greatly enjoys exploring the environment and observing and studying the wildlife while in the field, but also greatly enjoys visiting new cities or towns and meeting new people to learn about the local cultures and history. I suppose you could describe him as a researcher with a hands on approach. Like I said its pretty blank slate, since I'm better at working things out as he interacts with others in RP.

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