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Behemoth: LF Mafia styled Au Ra family and bodyguards(can be any race)

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HI/Hello there o/:). I'm new here and was wondering if anyone would be interested in playing/joining/making, a high class mafia/yakuza styled Au Ra Clan/family blood-related preferred (Father can be of any occupation but mostly preferred as a crime-lord/kingpin),(Older/Elder brother can be of any occupation as well),Maybe an elder sister too and also looking for any interested in being bodyguards of any occupation and race that can be friends as well or just family in general. I haven't made my RP profile yet but i'll update it as when its done.just a little description my character: age:16-17,Background is flexible since i haven't thought of one yet but will add some details when/if necessary,Personality:Rebellious,Stubborn,Intelligent and is an Machinist/Alchemist



If you would like more information or interested please PM me here, if interested but have different propositions for background i'm open to discussion :)



Thank you for your time o/

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