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Grand Eorzean Battle Royale

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[align=center]You hear it in murmurs around the tavern, in hushed tones from voices far down the darkened alleyway, and in gossip among the men and women at the markets. You hear word of a grand prize, of daring feats of strength and skill, but that's all you ever hear of it, the word of mouth. There are no posters on the walls, no articles in the Tonberry's Lantern, not even scouring through the library's archives turns up results of the mysterious event.[/align]


[align=center]The Grand Eorzean Battle Royale[/align]


Hello and welcome to the Battle Royale forum thread! A bi-weekly competition held over the course of two weeks where competitors duke it out to claim the top spot for the grand prize of 50,000 gil!


[align=center]How the competition works[/align]

-Each competitor is given two tokens that act as their lifeline through the duration of the competition.

-Each time a competitor loses a battle, they must forfeit a token to the victor.

-A competitor may lose two times before they are disqualified from the competition.

-The winner of the competition is whoever has the most tokens at the end of the two weeks, or whoever has all of the tokens before the time limit is up.


[align=center]Grand Eorzean Battle Royale rules[/align]

-Competitors are not allowed to kill one another.

-The world is the stage! Competitors may battle one-another wherever they are encountered, be it in the middle of the cozy tavern or in the frozen wastes of the far North.

-Out-of-character: Competitors are advised to wear the "Looking For Party" tag on their search info in order to more easily recognize one-another.

-Out-of-character: Fights will be performed under typical Grindstone rules.


[align=center]How to enter[/align]

Given the nature of the competition, speaking from an in-character standpoint there is no sign-up, no meeting place, no liaison to work through in order to join. However, out-of-character, if you wish to join, simply reply to this post as follows:


[align=center][Your character name] wishes to participate in the Grand Eorzea Battle Royale starting on [Date listed][/align]


You will then be invited to a Discord group that will serve as an out-of-character hub to make meeting up, score-tracking, and and answering questions much easier. At the end of every session, the Discord group will be vacated to make room for the next batch of contestants.


[align=center]The next Grand Eorzean Battle Royale will begin on Saturday, June 11th, 2016.[/align]

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