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The Freshest Newbie

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Well, okay, maybe not that fresh.


My IGN is Piphan Balans and I'm currently playing as a Thaumaturge. Most folks I meet online call me Piph or Piphan.


This is my first time ever playing on an RP server! And it's my first time playing an MMO again since... sometime around 2008. Seriously, it's been a long time.


I just transferred onto Balmung after spending my first few days on Leviathan, mostly because I'm hoping to play with a more social crowd. What's the fun of an MMO if you're not hanging out with other cool players, right?


I'm hoping to meet a lot of new people and to find an FC that won't mind showing me the ropes for a bit. I'm excited to engage in at least some casual roleplaying, but I can't say I've given it much forethought than that.


Any pro tips or knowledge you can share would be greatly appreciated! I'm hoping to have a blast here.

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Welcome to the RPC! :) Take it easy and have fun. People are usually pretty friendly on Balmung, at least in the RP crowds so dont be afraid of approaching ^^

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