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*Update 1.1* Dark Magus seeks allies/connections/adversaries!

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Hi all! I want to start by describing myself and interests, before moving into my character! I am an experienced RP'er, 10+ years on different platforms of RP from forum, MMO, and RL. I appreciate story lines and character building above all else. Role Play at its core is us advancing an extension of our fantasies, no character has ever been appreciated for being stagnant. My character will change because of you, my goal is to do the same for you as well!:D


My character does take some creative liberty with the Lore, he was specifically built to serve one purpose. If this bothers you as you read on, I do apologize. I do not seek to be seen as run of the mill special snowflake!:P



Name: Dark Magus Vashir Um'boro

Occupation: Inquisitor of the Free City-States of Ezorea

Department: Artifact Control and Apprehension

Allignment: Lawful Evil

RP: Dark/Mature/Story

Residence: Ul'dah

Sex: Male (I mean, yes please!)

Race: Miqo'te

Sub-race: Keeper of the Moon

Height: 6'0 (Tall)

Weight: 170 (Lanky)

Age: 27 (Middle Aged)

Relationship Status: Single

Interests: Gambling, Experiments, Alchemy, and long walks in the Void(ha!).



Vashir was born from a lowly Keeper of the Moon mother after she had a drunken tryst, no matron in her own right. He was the epitome of nothing exceptional as a child. He had strength in the Aether, but his Tribe would not support any sort of schooling. Due to a lack of Gil, and of course Miqo'te tradition. His Tribe kept to itself and did not wish to invite a trainer from the outside. He grew without many friends, tall and lanky from a young age he did not catch the eye of the abundant females. Keeper males were a rarity, and so females were often selective with who they wasted time on. 


Upon Vashir's 11th cycle of seasons, a Ul'dahn emissary struck a bargain with the new Matron of his Tribe. She saw the restricting nature of the Tribe Tradition as a flaw, and wanted to chase that ever common lust for position in the world. A trade for bodies, and in return the chance for Tribe advancement. Vashir was one of those selected to begin tutelage in Ul'dah. Truly this did not bother him, he had no love for his people in his chest. A new experience might be what he needed in life.


Vashir was apprenticed for his natural affinity to the Aether, and for many seasons he trained as most Apprentices are oft to do. He grew to know a few colleagues on a level he might consider friendly. Yet old conditioning dies hard, and the Keeper was known to be quite the recluse. Sticking to his tomes and training, nothing more than a shadow upon the grounds he trained.


When Vashir turned 17 he was offered a rare opportunity by the City of Ul'dah. The opportunity to train and possibly become an Inquisitor of the Three City-States. Inquisitors are governmental officials given power in the name of the City-States best interests. Backed by Nobility, the select individuals are the secret police of the assumed greater good. Whenever an artifact of great power is created by a Free Company, or a an upstart Mage accidentally or purposefully connects with the Void, an Inquisitor will be there. Or so that was the plan. In actuality most Inquisitors died in the training of chaotic Umbral Aether or during the chaos following the calamity. The degree they were expected to obtain simply broke most minds. Those Inquisitors who did survive have oft died to one cause or another over the years. Most in society will know what the position means, yet to actually see one in action? Much more rare. 


Despite all this on Vashir's 23rd cycle of season he became a full fledged Inquisitor, his official designation being in Artifact Control and Apprehension. Autonomous in his power, the recluse finally had a purpose. He soon earned a reputation as being ruthless to a point over the years, if he could not contain an artifact or its wielder through interrogation and force, then he would immediately seek to destroy them. He has been quoted for stating, "Scorched Earth is not a suggestion, it's a rule." This was after he and his guards torched an entire encampment of thugs, refugee's, and merchants on the off chance that a powerful artifact was being carried with them.


One might wonder why such actions would be allowed to persist, yet Vashir himself admits the institution of his existence is flawed. He does not report to a singular person, he was given free range in his position, and reports only come from him. He even has kept more powerful artifacts or even people under his command at times, never reporting to the City-States of their existence. Truly villains may hide behind the badge of good. 



Inquisitors were formed during the Sixth Astral Era by a formal agreement between leaders and nobility of the City-States. Their duty was to preside over the massive increase in Aether based rituals, artifacts, individuals, and technology.  Each member was a highly trained individual in the Aether, passing a rigorous amount of examinations both mental and magical. However despite their power in the beginning they were highly constrained in their actions, Inquisitors truly were mainly used as informants and book keepers. Respected by Free Companies, Institutions of Magic, and scholars alike.


Their lack of outright powers was amended with the beginning of the Seventh Umbral Era, fear becoming more wide spread due to the release and destruction of the land by Bahamut. And fear often lead to decisions bordering on the level of fanatic. Inquisitors were elevated from their positions as clerks of the Aether in Ezorea to the police of it. The organization faded into the shadows of the City-States attention, given free reign to act as they pleased in the name of the 'greater good'. A few Inquisitors abandoned the mantle they saw as now tainted. Most of those Ex-Inquisitors disappeared within the first year under suspicious circumstances. The rest saw their chance to expand their power without the restrictions of petty things like morality. Though no Inquisitor has ever been tried for crimes against the people, a select few have been quietly dismissed for their deeds over the years. The nobles and officials of State are not blind to their Inquisitors actions, but currently they prefer to keep the chaos they control than risk an uncontrolled chaos from the outside. In actuality the Inqusitors still do perform their duties of maintaining the powers that would become a danger to the realm. It is simply the questionable means by which they act, and how they spend their free time that worries others. It is a comfort however that the Order of Inquisitors has become quite small with time.


In current society Inquisitors are something that citizens of Ezorea often try to forget exist. If only so they can sleep more easily. In public such individuals would only be whispered about, a dark reminder of the lengths society will go for self preservation. Most will not question an Inquisitors judgement or actions, simply because they wish to only save themselves from scrutiny. The same can be said of the Free Companies, Institutions of Magic, and scholars that once highly respected the Order. They now begrudgingly work alongside Inquisitors so that they may perform their duties. Yet they do not welcome them with open arms and often try to hurry them out the door, and quickly lock it behind them. 




Vashir is a character created with the villain you love to hate in mind. From the perspective of allies, he is the type to work alongside fellow Chaotic aligned Role Players as long as there is an end goal he gains from. Mutual agreement for one evil to assist another is par for the course. 

From the standpoint of villain, he is a calculated threat. I would love to discuss with fellow RP'ers how Vashir could assist in making them wiser to the evil in the world! He will corrupt, interrogate, kidnap, torture, lie, mis-lead, trick, and more to obtain what he seeks. He does not however act out of psychopathic need, he has a goal and you may simply be in the way, nothing personal. He truly regards other sentient beings as mere tools, a means to an ends. What that end is precisely only he may know. 



I'd love to have Vashir involved with as many groups/activities as possible. If you run a Linkshell that involves Artifact Hunting, Mercenaries, Secret Societies, Dark Deeds, etc. Please feel free to drop a line. 

From a Free Company perspective, he would gladly step in as over sight for a role play event to add flavor. Has your Company recently acquired a powerful artifact and wish to have it cleared for possession by the City-States? Invite Vashir over, it need not even turn Dark. Just a little politic slice of life event RP is fine as well.  

When it comes to Group RP, perhaps you require a one off villain or Mage for a quick storyline plot! Do not fear, Vashir will gladly step in to cause some ruckus or cast a spell, perhaps even two! Not everything has to forge an everlasting bond of friendship(That's for News Anchormen fights!).


TLDR: Dark RP'er! Black Mage! Whisper Vashir Um'boro! :cactuar::cactuar::cactuar:

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