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FFXIV Used Furniture Sale!

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Ready to get a new house for your FC or yourself in 3.3? Afraid it’s going to look a little sparse? Now’s your chance to buy some cheap housing items! I’ve got mostly outdoor furniture to make your yard look nice for the neighborhood, but I have a few indoor items, as well! If interested, contact me here or in game, or anywhere else you can catch me! These housing items are bound, so they cannot be sold or traded. For that reason, most of these items will be sold for around half of marketboard price.


But wait, how does this work?


*Since these items are bound, they can only be transferred through FC chest or houses. You will either need to be able to briefly join my FC on a character, or be able to invite one of my characters into an FC you’re in and give me privileges to deposit items into the FC chest or to place furniture. (If you are not the leader of said FC, please make sure your FC leader is aware and okay with this. And no, I won’t make the arrangements for you!) Alternatively, if you own a personal house, you can temporarily name me a tenant and give me furniture placing privileges.


*Items will be first come first serve for the most part (”reserving” any items will not count unless/until I receive the gil) but may go to whoever gives the best offer if multiple people are interested in an item at the same time.


*Balmung server only, sorry!


*I have multiples of some items. The prices listed for these is for a SINGLE item, not the whole bundle.


Items Available


Indoor Furniture


Open Hearth 110,000

Manor Counter 160,000


Outdoor Furniture


Campfire x2 10,000

Walnut Table 6,000

Oaken Bench x2 15,000

Low Barrel Planter 4,500

Stump Stool x4 6,500

Cast-iron Cookpot x2 14,000

Straight Stepping Stumps 54,000

Desert Ironwood x4 10,000

Glade Path Light 50,000

Riviera Garden Table Set 20,000

Standing Signboard 24,000

Riviera Striking Dummy 25,000

Explorer’s Campfire 44,000

Wooden Bucket 140,000

Sylphic Lamp Tree 14,000

Brass Bench x3 4,000

Dried Well 30,000

Dodo’s Nest 1,200


Note: Prices may be subject to change if the MB value of the respective item has changed.



As far as I am aware, this in no way violates XIV's ToS, but if I am incorrect, please let me know.


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