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Winds of Melody [Open]

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(I am not much good at writing these days. I have not done any creative writing for about 2/3 years :( so i'm extremely rusty & this is my first attempt . I hope to get better and learn from folks here in general/who get involved in this thread :blush: )




A flight of morning breeze gently whisked through the lush wood and passed Tira’s face. Her eyes fluttered open, the sunlight piercing through the surrounding trees and the birds above in their nests tweeted their delightful melodies across the swaying tree tops.

She rubbed her tired eyes with the bottom of her wrists then took a deep breath, yawned and placed a hand on the root of the tree she had laid asleep next to the night before. Closing her eyes, she took a moment to appreciate the forest as though thanking it for her safe and sound sleep that night.


Tira then left the small campground area and made her way westward through the woods. On passing a walnut tree, she picked off a few chips of the bark and placed them in her satchel and continued on. Not too far away, the sounds of rushing waters crashing against rocks and eroded loose pebbles could be heard.


The glistening river stream was in all it’s glittering glory with the suns shimmer upon it. Tira rushed over to the river and placed her bow and satchel down before splashing the water to her face a few times.


She took a hairpin from a pocket and swept her hair bangs back out of her face then reached for the walnut chips from the satchel she had obtained earlier alongside a small pestle and mortar and some Galago mint. She began to crush the walnut and mint together then carefully cleaned her teeth with the mixture followed by rinsing her mouth with the rivers water.


Feeling freshened up and ready for another wondrous day; Tira decided to do what she had not done for a long while. Sing.

With ease, the little green haired lithe bodied archer climbed atop the thick branches of a nearby tree and found a way to seat herself comfortably with harp in hand and her leg hanging slightly off the branch she sat up on. The strings were plucked as she warmed up her natural melodious rhythm in sync with a gentle humming tune and she did that for a few minutes.


But nothing came.


Tira lowered her head and sighed deeply, shaking her head and let her plucking hand fall to the side of her almost lifeless looking. Why does the cheer of harmony escape me so? It's been three moons... She questioned herself with a most defeated expression. Her voice softened so not to disturb the wildlife around herself. All that finds me is a symphony of sorrow. But I do not wish to feel it... or sing it.


Some would say being alone in the Twelveswood most of ones life time would cause one to appear to speak to themselves and become fairly removed from reality. But was Tira talking to herself or was someone else there? Or something else?


She placed her harp aside and contemplated in silence as she watched two opo-opos fight rather menacingly over some Mun-tuy beans on the ground. Their paws thrusting into the ground and on to each others paws and a number of strikes to the face. Tira winced as she watched the nature of them occur.


Her attention was then caught in another direction where a rabbit peaked out from a hollow, beaten log a few yalms away from the fighting opo-ops bopping his head appearing curious and cautious with a leaf of gysahl tucked into its tiny white paws and nibbled the whole thing up before swiftly returning back inside the hole.


She smiled to herself somewhat and lay back her head to face the clear blue skies but noticed a dark cloud to the east that appeared to head her way.


Nevertheless she shut her eyes and began to drift into her thoughts.

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What a glorious day to walk! What a time to be in nature! And it wasn't even raining or anything!


The miqo'te known as Snarl paced through the woods with an extra spring in his step. The sun glowed along his bared torso, his caramel gold skin nearly glowing under the light. The gentle breeze that tickled the leaves of the forest cooled him as he trudged forward, a large rucksack draped over his shoulder and several pouches swaying from his hips.


He was almost always low on ingredients - travelling chef that he was - and he took a moment between presentations to stock his mobile larder. Herbs, nuts, berries, wood chips for smoking, mushrooms; they were all found. Now all he needed was a large supply of fresh water. Something spring-sourced. Something earthy that would heighten the flavors of some of his patented Intense Pastas.


His ears spun towards the sound of a rushing stream nearby. It sounded crisp and refreshing and active. Hopefully it wouldn't be carrying sediment in its movement. Snarl elected to investigate.


As he pushed through the brush, he halted. Up in the trees....a woman. A beautiful one, even. An archer, judging by the bow nearby....but was she in a sniping nest? No...no, she appeared to be in repose.


Snarl stepped to, hand raised in both greeting and show of good natured approach, a broad, fang-filled grin smeared across his face. "I've seen many fine creatures about the woods this day, miss, but no bird could boast plumage like you bear! Even the sun itself glows jealously in the light of your shimmer!"

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Upon hearing the sudden and sprightly voice break her peace, Tira jolted and sprung from her position to turn and face the grinning miqo'te now at her level. "Whew... Did I doze off? You gave me a fright!" Hand to chest as she laughed it off with her relief.


Inspecting his attire for a moment she sniffed the air around her then cast her gaze back to the miqo'te. "What you got there? Breakfast? For me?" she teased. Her head tilted as she began to carefully crawl across the seemingly stable bough toward him to get a closer look.



As she leant her hand on a side branch for support it had given way just seconds to the grasp causing her to twist and fall down the side of the tree.

"Wuaagh!" A short, sharp squeal echoed upward followed by snapping, crunching and the sounds of disturbed leaves.


Nearby birds flocked from their nests and other wildlife scurried to their hidden sanctuaries. "I'm okay!" she yelled softly with a hint of injury. Now hanging upside down from a branch and her foot entangled within knots of vine.

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Snarl's pale green eyes went wide at the acrobatic tumble off of the tree bough. He stood, transfixed and dumbfounded as he watched the woman hang upside down by her foot. Shock turned in to belly-shaking laughter as he doubled over.


He slowly walked over, tears of laughter still sitting on the corners of his eyes as he pulled a small knife to cut at the vines wrapped around Tira's ankle. "Gods be good, miss! If you were hoping to stagger me with the feats of your athleticism, you succeeded!" He angled one arm beneath her back to hokd her up slightly as his other cut the tangle of vines carefully. As the snare released, his other arm tensed to slowly bring her back down to earth on her back.


"I suppose introductions may be in order...but then, you have been memorable already, from your staggering beauty to your...ah...impressive feats of tumbling." he chuckled good-naturedly. "At least tell me that you're alright and uninjured?"

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Tira staggered to her feet still in laughter as she picked the leaves from her hair and dusted herself off. "Uhm thank you." She looked up, hair now not much different to the birds nests she disturbed and a few light mud stains smudged across her cheeks and forehead. "I'm okay though yes! But I think I frightened the opo-opo's away... And the rabbits... All of them, really." She said as she glanced all around then sniggered in the moment before sprightly grinning up at the miqo'te and reached her hand out for a handshake.


"I'm Tira. Pleasure to meet you!"

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"Well, milady Tira! It will not be soon I'll forget your name or this meeting, and that was before seeing your loveliness!" Snarl grinned toothily at her, hand shaking hers firmly. His hands were well-manicured and clean; hallmarks of a fastidious chef.


"You may call me Snarl. And perhaps, as repayment for disturbing you from your sun-blessed perch, I could cook you something to break your morning fast? It would be my honor."


The miqo'te bowed with a practiced elegance that displayed what must have been years of some formal training. Despite his unabashed appearance, he was very clearly formally schooled.

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Squinting up at the bold and gallant miqo'te with the suns rays flaring brightly behind him she raised a hand to shield her eyes with the shadow of her hand. His seemingly friendly and high-spirited manner stunned her pleasantly for a moment for familiarity to that of her own nature.


Tira tucked a lock of hair behind her ear as she glanced down bashfully at his words of flattery before raising her head once he offered to cook her breakfast. She beamed at him and nodded a few times.


"Why certainly Sir Snarl!" She curtsied poorly in response, playfully mocking his courtliness. "What's your specialty?" Asked the slightly disheveled archer. She tipped on her toes with a silly expression on her face as she peered over his accessories curiously.

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Snarl smiled, nodding at the curtsy. "You honor me with the title, miss Tira, but I've not the oarentage or the holdings to be called a sir. Be that as it may..."


Snarl knelt down, bringing the rucksack over his shoulder to the ground and opening it. He produced some small cast-iron cooking equipment and a variety of tins and leather bags of different sizes. "My speciality is oastas, but I regret to say I've not brought any with me. What I have brought, however....should be enough for two to have a comfortable enough breakfast."


He nodded once, looking up to her with a satisfied grin upon his face. "Mmh! I'd been looking for a place to set a fire. That I have such company to join me is a gift from the Twelve!"

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