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  1. A gallery of my character artworks.
  2. Tira Nophi

    Tira's Gallery

    Art of Tira done by either myself or commissioned works!
  3. I think having them refer to the world as 'this star' gives it a more mystifying sense of celestial existence within not only just one realm but of and among multiple others. I believe the word 'world' can sound particularly confined in the way that most of us are often naturally inclined to perceive it. Depends which way you look at it I suppose. But for them there is already an open door to the many other stars (worlds) out there that are reachable by magical means. Maybe if we Earthlings could travel between worlds/realms we would probably use the word star or planet more often than we
  4. Hi all this is more of a thread to list characters by their occupational themes. This is intended to assist role players in quickly finding characters that are befitting the more citizen-like types of jobs. e.g. bakers, town criers, bailiffs, janitors, street urchins. You get the idea! I thought it might help those of you who enjoy playing the citizen types of characters to find others who are similar. You can even add if your character is seeking employment of a particular job that someone may be able to help them with and in turn create some RP with it. If you would
  5. Could you perhaps use spoilers and a note for the NSFW please - just so we're safe. Great work! but my kid was behind me omg
  6. I quite disagree! Pirates are just as doable as any other character design. It just takes dedication, effort and know your lore boundaries. The world is vast and pirates as well as any other rogue character can operate under the radar. I really would not discourage people from playing these ideas as they can be really fun! Actually! There is the Rhotano Privateer which is embarked that is very empty with just two NPCs on board. One Roegadyn at the helm and a Hyur fishing which can be easily overlooked with a group of pirates! It can be accessed by speaking with the Ferry Ski
  7. Haha... I would really be embarrassed about this if it was a few years back. I created this video a few years ago when I was quite a bit younger and experimenting and youtube was not really what it is today. Anyway, I still find it fun to watch everytime I remembered its existence and thought i'd share it with you other FF fans. I watched Kingsglaive for the first time last night and General Glauca's voice kiiiinda reminded me of Zordon and then I remembered my old video...: [video=youtube] I remember being really proud of the timing of stuff too haha. Laugh and Enjoy!
  8. We are still in the EU timezone and that is essentially what this linkshell is for. So I don't see any reason why you'll not be able to join.
  9. Tira Nophi


    Welcome to FFXIV!
  10. [align=center][/align] Now i'm a sucker for the old and scratchy sounds of dusty vinyl and tuning radio, Danny Kayes terrifically talented tongue twisting jargon to pink ladies and almost anything retro. With the internet, more people (and of a younger generation) have access to these classics and can appreciate them for what they are. So I was feeling a little nostalgic and thought i'd ask, what are some of your favourite old timey wimey movies/series? And why? I have to say two out of my hundreds of favourites are 'Return to Oz' simply for it's more interestingly darker t
  11. Squinting up at the bold and gallant miqo'te with the suns rays flaring brightly behind him she raised a hand to shield her eyes with the shadow of her hand. His seemingly friendly and high-spirited manner stunned her pleasantly for a moment for familiarity to that of her own nature. Tira tucked a lock of hair behind her ear as she glanced down bashfully at his words of flattery before raising her head once he offered to cook her breakfast. She beamed at him and nodded a few times. "Why certainly Sir Snarl!" She curtsied poorly in response, playfully mocking his courtliness. "What's
  12. It was hard to miss the distinctive green-hued tresses that would otherwise be easy to camouflage were she back in the deep forests. As the two miqo'te scarpered in one direction like a couple of awkward frightened dodo's, it caught the attention and suspicion of the yelling roegadyn and Tira knew there was no way she would not flee from where she sat, unseen. Thus she swiftly swiped up her waterskin, leapt from the deck on to the sands and dashed toward the crowd in a bid to lose the pursuing roe. "Whew... I think I lost him." Just as she made her way through to the other end of
  13. I absolutely loved this post. I'd love to get a chance to role play with you depending on the timezoney stuff! : )
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