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  1. I honestly can't see why not! See: Krile Baldesion Taken from FF wiki source: "She took on the surname of her adoptive father, Galuf Baldesion, and changed her first name to one with a Hyuran spelling. It is very likely that her original Plainsfolk name was "Kururu Kuru". So i'd say it's completely lore-friendly to do so if you ask me and no reason why the parent can't name their adoptive child whatever they wish.
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  3. The showgirl side of M'liliya would laugh it off and feign a blush at first then moments later rush into her boudoir and scrub it off with some kind of Ishgardian antiseptic face wash.
  4. That was something I considered briefly before replying but I wasn't so sure what the overall opinion on that notion would be. But with that being said I can safely say I agree with leaving it the way it is.
  5. Wow! I have been playing the game for about a year and half now and I never knew this even was possible! Thanks for the awareness! I won't look at "screenie evidence" the same way again. I think this should be like a front page sticky or something...
  6. Character Name: M'liliya Tzun Introduction piece: Two tails? Check. Two pairs of ears? Check. As a recent new employee at the Manderville Gold Saucer she's become a beacon inside the grand arcade of Ul'dah. Often worked off her feet doing rounds of the vast venue in little bow pumps yet never complains about it. Her job description may command the wearing of a smile but this Miqo'te seems often in high spirits regardless! One of her true wishes in life is to be able sustain everlasting peace between the great nations via meaningful masterpieces in theatre and the arts. Optional screenshot: [align=center][/align]
  7. This FC is still in its early stages of development but work is being carried out behind the scenes to try and build the necessary foundations and bring our ideas to fruition! Members and volunteers are urgently needed and will be greatly appreciated for aiding our cause to bring life and roleplay to our targeted areas!
  8. [align=center][/align] Serendipity & Co. are an entertainment agency that offer a variety of roles and services within the entertainment industry ranging from private and public parties, themed events to personal arcade escorts. Our company is also designed to facilitate other companies or clients who seek to employ one of our finest talents through our agency. Our talented agents strive to deliver our customers a most enjoyable and luxurious interlude from their toils and troubles of the world left outside our warm and welcoming velvet doors. Allow yourself to be escorted throughout the Gold Saucer and/or entertained by some of the best hosts and performers in Eorzea! Come on in, leave your worries behind and find that lost freedom and joy by transforming your gil matters into greater ones with Lady Luck's blessings on your side and her agents who eagerly await your presence here! We are constantly on the lookout for new hosts, assistants and performers so if you are interested in joining the Serendipity team apply today at the website: Serendipity Entertainment [align=left] You may apply to be added to the Linkshell if you wish as we don't expect you to give up your day job if you really don't want to. [/align] [align=center] [/align] [align=center][/align] [align=center] NOTE I: This is not an "adult entertainment" FC despite what first impressions may appear. Suggestive content and activity may be shown but it is all part and parcel of particular roles within the theme of the FC. [align=left]We are aware of the adult-like imagery that our FC can portray i.e Bunny outfits however it is simply themed aesthetic and if you are unable to see passed this and unable to find the art and creativity behind our image then this is not the place for you. [/align] [/align]
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