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Linkshell Section Sneak Peak

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While the section is still largely under development, I wanted to show the progress that I've made so far. In this way, you can all see exactly what I'm trying to accomplish for this particular section. Note: Content is still under development and subject to change (styling especially is going to change a bit). Secondary note: I'm considering letting EVERYONE test the section when it launches with a "create your own fake RP shell" contest 8-)


Pictures are worth a thousand words so here's a peak!













The final image is likely to look waaay different in the final version. Avatar will hopefully be replaced by the linkshell leader's uploaded icon of choice. Basic info will hopefully contain all the info submitted in tab 2 (things like RP style, website, etc). One will be able to navigate between tabs with a single click without loading a separate page. Linkshell leaders will be able to customize what extra tabs (if any) they want to add.

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I'm fairly close to being complete with this now. All the hard work is out of the way (coding). All that's really left is styling, which isn't hard at all. I also need to figure out what exactly people want in the linkshell sidebar aside from just website. I know there's currently a discussion about RP style going on. What other things do people generally want to see first and foremost about a linkshell aside from the website? Primary timezone? Whether it's recruitment is open/closed/invite only? Something else?


Also want to give this heads up: When the section officially launches, a new featured article will be up that will begin a contest to create your own fake RP shell. Everyone will be eligible to participate and the winner will be decided based on a public poll. The winning fake Rp shell will be used as the permanent sample linkshell in the FAQs and the creator will gain a date with the character of their choice. Okay, maybe not that last part >.>. Wish I could come up with a greater reward. I was actually hoping an artist (or multiple artists) would volunteer to do a free sketch for the winner, should any be willing. That outta get people involved :lol:


More details about this contest to come later, but start thinking about it now~. Your fake shell can be as silly or serious as you want but details will surely matter if you want votes!

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