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Rollo the Kitten

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[align=center]In Seven Days, Rollo will find his home[/align]



In the streets of Ul'dah, many people walk up and down the streets. Busy as always and many avoiding the sides. Along the pathway stood a lone brown crate. Inside was a lone Black Kitten. His brothers and sisters were eager to leave and be picked up by any random person, but Rollo was different. Every person so far that had tried to take him was met with loud hisses, claws and teeth. He didn't just want any random person. He wanted that special one...


By now he was the last one of his litter. The first day of a week long wait would begin.


[align=left]Rollo watched from the comfort of his lone box in silence as people walked by. Gladiators, Merchants, Adventurers. They don't catch his little emerald eyed. Each one he saw that passed by were not to his standard. The occasional woman stopped over to try and grab him but like the rest he hissed and swat at the air. Showing much distance to those he hated.


Rollo however would soon learn that he was hungry. Since no one would give him food with how he presented himself, he decided to leave his box for a bit and head to the Bazzar. The smell of fresh food cooking enticed the kitten. Yet he had to be cautious. The crowd of people would make it hard to navigate but the areas and nooks behind the stalls were just big enough for him to slide between. His target was the Marmot bits cooking at one little stall.[/align]


[align=left]the owner was proud of his snack foods flying off the shelf but when there was one left, Rollo marked it with his eyes. He waited...and waited...and as soon as the owner's eyes could no longer see the front, Rollo hopped up to snag the stick in one quick motion before running back to his box to eat his prize.


With a full and content stomach, Rollo was satisfied...but the special person that was to take him did not show. The night rolled around and Rollo would have to sleep for now. Taking what little covers he had, Rollo covered part of his body as he went to sleep in his box. hopefully that special person would arrive soon...


[align=center] In Six Days, Rollo will find his home[/align]


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the dawn of a new day begins. Rollo wakes up to find his usual sight of people walking by in the early morning. His stomach was low on food and the need for sustenance was growing. Yet he wasn't as stupid as most cats. While others would eat when they are hungry, Rollo decided the best course of action was to find a few items to eat in the day. After all, he didn't want to move from the crate. So with a stretch and a yawn, Rollo would venture out to the bazaar once more. 


It was active in the morning with those stocking their wares or moving crates around. Rollo had to be careful less he get crushed, but the paths he took were easy to avoid any sight. Coming up to the food, he spotted something different in his eyes. Whether the color enticed him or how each one looked plump...Strawberries. Rollo was drooling at the mouth from it. Truth be told he never had a strawberry and his normal meal of meat was too far with all this traffic...So for his breakfast, he snatched a single strawberry to stay his hunger until later...


Back at his crate, Rollo finished his strawberry and looked back at the crowd. The chirps and coos of the Chocobos by the porter along with the noise of the crowd made it that much more important to focus on the one he would go with. Sure enough another person would try. this time a young woman.

"Aww...what a cute kitty..." the young Hyur woman bent down to inspect the cat. Rollo was sure that this was the one. He gave her a chance as she raised her hand to pet him...but when it came close, Rollo felt the faint aura she produced. It didn't bode well as he hissed and clawed the air...Already denying her.


"WOAH! I was just trying to be kind!" she tried to pet him again, only for Rollo to growl and yowl in anger. As if to say 'GO AWAY!'. From that action, the woman walked off while mumbling "...Stupid Cat..."


After Rollo took another trip to the bazaar for his last meal today, no one else approached his box. The night rolled around and Rollo would spend it in his box once more. The nights were indeed cold in Ul'dah, but he was determined to wait for that special someone...


[align=center]In Five Days, Rollo will find his home.[/align]

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Today started off fairly well. Rollo was enjoying his strawberry when a crowd of people gathered around two random men with their fists up. A little entertainment it seemed. Rollo was curious about their actions. The small gap in between was generous as he saw the two men fight in the street.


The two were throwing their fists around and aiming to knock the other out or at least injure them. At times it connect, and others it was blocked. Rollo watched and started to learn. Surely the tactic of defense would be useful if he had to leave. The fight wouldn't last long as the Brass Blade was sent to break the fight up before it got out of hand. The crowd dispersed and left Rollo without a winner of the fight.


As he turned to finish his strawberry, he noticed it was gone! Looking around, Rollo spotted another cat like him only with a brown coat and stripes making off with his berry goodness. Rollo gave chase after the thief, running all around Ul'dah. Passing by people and the stalls. The chase continued well until they reached a dead end. In a desperation attempt, the thief quickly ate Rollo's strawberry. This angered the black kitten as he swiped the air as a way of challenging him to a fight.


The Thief hissed and growled as the two slowly made their way close to one another. Rollo wasn't trained in combat but if there was one thing he could do, it was attempt. The thief had way more experience being in Ul'dah and waited for Rollo to make the first strike...


Rollo then lunged forward and came with a swiping claw. the other cat dodged to the left as predicted but didn't count of Rollo to swipe with his other. The first strike was a feint and he nicked the Thief's cheek. This prompt him to slash furiously at Rollo. Rollo backed up and gained some distance. But soon the Thief dashed around and bit Rollo's tail down hard. Causing the cat to howl in pain. 


Rollo was now more than angry. He was furious! Rollo thought about the fight he saw earlier, remembering a move that one of the men did. The Thief charged forth with claws extended and at the last moment, Rollo ducked. The Thief clearing over him...and then Rollo extended his head upward into his rib, knocking the Thief out and on the ground. Rollo placed a paw on his neck and was about to kill him...but something inside told Rollo to not do it.


Rollo gave a very angry growl as a means of talking...I think it was along the lines of...


[Translated from meows]

Rollo asked "Why did you take my meal?"


The thief replied "...I...needed food for...my friend..."


"Then get your own!" Rollo yelled.


The Thief shook his head. "The Hyur...they caught onto me...and they will catch onto you as well..."


Rollo hissed and removed his paw. meowing to not want to see the Thief again as he made his way back to the box. In the time that Rollo left, someone left a discarded flyer on the side for the Gold Saucer. He of course didn't care much but decided to bring it into his box to use as another blanket for the ensuing night...


But what if the thief was also concerned for Rollo?


[align=center]In Four Days, Rollo will find his home.[/align]

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Rollo saw himself in a cozy home. One with a fireplace among many of books. A place that had a garden and front lawn. Free to hop around. He saw much joy playing with a toy and the shade of the special person he would be with forever...


A dream he always had. Rollo was determined to see it become a reality. His home. His companion. One who wouldn't treat him like some pet or toy. An equal.


But today, Rollo decided to walk around Ul'dah to find that person. So he made His way to the quicksand. A melting pot of all kinds of adventurers. Some were grand and others new. Some were hitting on people and others conversation.

But the problem was that none caught his eye...


Rollo moved on to the streets, idily walking with the crowd in hopes of finding someone...but he realized his box was not attended. His only safe haven! 


Rollo dashed back and was relieved that his box was safe...so he decided to sleep again.


Sleep and have the dream of the one he was waiting for...


[align=center]In three days, Rollo will find his home.[/align]

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Another day goes by and Rollo was left to sit in his box. Guarding it and waiting ever so patiently. His black skin turning a tad dusty by now. Lack of keeping himself clean was evident. He stood watch until he noticed two stray cats like himself looking to take his box. They were clearly not the type to share and were prepared to fight.


Rollo hopped out of his box and showed his own fury, swiping the air and hissing with them. The two tried taking Rollo out for the box but each time they hit one another. Only when they struck one at a time did Rollo actually fight and toss them aside. hissing and meowing. A literal cat fight off to the side of Ul'dah. 


The two would then run away and Rollo returned to his box...only now he had a few minor scars. they could heal in time but they hurt. Even eating his favorite strawberries didn't null the pain. He meowed in despair, thinking negative thoughts.

Was waiting pointless all this time?


He quickly brought himself back and said to wait. Wait for the one he was waiting for. That special person...but more and more people pass him by. Not one was what he saw. He remembered the dream he had and the woman in it was kind from the moment she arrived...


It had to be her.


Rollo sulked in his box and went to cover himself with the blanket...only now the blanket was making holes and looking worse by the day. He tried to sleep...then he felt something. A drop of rain...then a few more. Rollo rose from his supposed nap and realized rain would come! 


Hopping out of the box he shoved it deeper under the awning above to block the rain. If his box got too wet, it would crumble! Only when he managed to get it in did Rollo realized that he was drenched! Shaking some water off, he tried to warm himself in the blanket...but the wind made it worse. He shivered and huddled under his only source of warmth.


And yet he still waits...Waits for her.


'she will come..' Rollo thought. 'she HAS to.'


The wind blew harder that night. Rollo couldn't keep warm for long. Yet even in this harsh biting wind he kept his determination through it...


[align=center]In Two Days, Rollo will find his home.[/align]

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The next morning, Rollo awoke to a fairly humid morning. From a cold to exhausting humid climate. Rollo had to escape his box for the time. Not many were roaming so he decided to visit the bazaar once more to find his meal. He strolled in and hid well, looking for the sweet strawberries that he ever so loved. Always waiting for the owner of the stall to look away, he was ready to pounce...when someone tried grabbing Rollo.


"THERE YOU ARE! I found the thief!" the vendor exclaimed. Rollo quickly snatched the berry and made a mad dash away from his box. He had to lose those chasing after him. Turning a corner, Rollo hid in the shadows and closed his eyes. Letting the pressers pass by. Opening his eyes he realized that now it was not safe to ever go back to the Bazaar. Meaning his food was cut off. The lone berry would have to suffice for today...then tomorrow he would need to find real food.


Returning to his box, Rollo noticed more trash around his box. He was more than distraught over it all as he shoved aside the junk and cleaned his box out. Rollo was not sure where to get food now...All he could do was wait.


And wait...


But the day would move fast. Night rolled around. Rollo was hungry and his stomach growled. He meowed into the empty night softly and curled up under the faint remain of his blanket...


[align=center]Tomorrow, Rollo will find his home.[/align]

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It's the seventh day... Rollo was losing hope. The once determination he had to find that special someone was fading. He'd just be happy with anyone at this point. Yet why does he keep fending others away? The box he was in was becoming more tainted. His blanket full of holes. His body looking a tad dirty and scraped. He was shivering...Even the Bazaar caught onto the thief and are more aware of his presence.


Rollo wondered why fate was cruel to him? Was it because of his attitude? He didn't want to think negatively...he tried looking once more out into the crowd. Unlike most days the crowd was thin. Each one that walked by was more or less ignoring him...

Then he saw someone.


A dress red like a strawberry. Black Hair against her very dark skin and horns. Yet her light purple umbral eyes were like his own bright green eyes. The Au ra that caught his eyes...he felt like this was the true one! But he was tired and exhausted. The crowd would probably drown him out...but he made an effort. With one last cry, Rollo meowed as loud as he could to get her attention...then he had to sit. His legs trembling in weakness...


But she stopped. 


The Au Ra woman looked in his direction. She approached the box and spotted Rollo. "...Huh? What are you doing in a box?" her voice was monotone but Rollo could feel from it that she was curious like he was. Rollo tried meowing but softer...


"You poor thing. The lack of proper nutrition...scars and dirt. You have not been taking care of yourself?" She clearly had no idea what he had to do to survive. Yet she seemed concerned. She carefully ran her fingers along his tail, feeling a wound that she quickly patched with her own kind of bandage. "There. That should help." The Au Ra woman looked to her left and right before reaching a hand down to pat his head. Rollo was shaking, almost ready to claw at her.


The woman's hand rest on his head ever so gently and ran through his fur. Even if he couldn't feel her skin, Rollo knew full well that his time waiting was coming to an end. The woman then picked Rollo up out of the box and in the air to examine him....




"Well it's not right to leave someone so defenseless in a place like this. I guess I should find you a home...but for now, would you like to come with me?" the Au Ra asked.


Rollo happily mewed. This woman saw Rollo not as a pet but as a living being. Exactly what he wanted.



[align=center]And on that day, Rollo found his home.[/align]

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