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Averill Rooks

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I've updated Averill's wiki and rerolled his character. As a result, this is my new directory complete with wiki link and RP information. Enjoy!


I. Basic Information



  • Primary character: Averill Rooks
  • Primary linkshells: Europa

II. RP Style



Amount of RP:



I'm a heavy RPer, without question. Content aside, it's myprimary draw for playing this game. Finding stories and adventure with my fellow RPers is paramount to anything else.


RP content:



Anything goes - with consent. Combat is Averill's primary skill, so wounds both light and grievous are acceptable. Anything severe, from dismemberment to death, have to be planned in advance. Other happenings, from the intimate to the extreme, must also be planned. It's all about communication.





Eorzea is our playground for a reason. If there are clearbreaks in lore without due justification, that's going to kill my immersion and enjoyment. However, bending and appropriately justified breaks make for engaging RP, used correctly.


Chat functions:



I use /em and /s. Private matters should be taken to private channels; /p and /t.


III: Other Info



Country:United Kingdom


Contact info:

  • Skype: Chaosbahamut1
  • Discord: WanderingWordsmith#1598
  • PSN: Chaosbahamut123

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