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A word to the wise: The code used for listing items in posts

  • Such as this
  • and this

Has been the cause of numerous recent post format problems. Please ensure that whenever using the list feature that the bullet point is ALWAYS outside of any other formatting code. For example, this is appropriate:


[*][b]Item one[/b].
[*][b]Item two[/b].


This is not appropriate and will cause problems next time you try to edit your post by cutting things off:


[b][*]Item one[/b].
[b][*]Item two[/b].


Note: This is only an issue with the SCEditor and SCEditor Source editor modes. It is not an issue with the lesser mode if you opt to use that one.


Another bug with the list feature is that when you switch between source mode and default mode while in the edit post screen, asterisks are constantly added into the post and can mess things up. Please keep this in mind. I've reported this issue to the MyBB team and am awaiting a resolution and/or updated version of the text editor.

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