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I was thinking: Since a lot of people here aren't fond of non-canon RP (totally understandable), I thought of just making a little tumblr for some IC journal entries. I thought that might be a good way to get into his head.


What I wanted to ask is if anyone could throw scenario suggestions at me. I'm sure some posts will be of my own thing, too, but it's kind of a fun exercise should someone throw a curve-ball at me.

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As I understand it, a lot of the folks from 1.0 who are "staying behind" are doing something similar to fill in the five year time gap. Newer folk don't necessarily need to do this since their adventures can start right when the game does, but it might not be a bad idea to think about some circumstances which may have transpired during maybe at least the year or two before the game comes back live again.


I had thought about staying behind and doing something similar, but when I think about the two years leading up to Dalamud's big kaboom and how much transpired during that time and how different Eva is as a character, thinking about what changes could have happened over FIVE years seemed overly daunting and I admit I took the easy way out.


But if you want some thoughts for potential journal entry topics I can rattle off a few and if something catches your interest you could write about that maybe:

  • E'iri meets someone he likes.
  • E'iri meets someone who likes him.
  • Someone attempts to mug E'iri.
  • E'iri celebrates something - nameday, friend's anniversary, etc.
  • E'iri trains somehow - weapons, magic, basket-weaving, etc.
  • E'iri feels embarrassed about something.
  • E'iri feels passionate/angry about something.


These are just a few starting-out points and I'm sure you could think of something completely different. There's no harm in creating a small event with some personal significance to your character and then writing about that. You can use more than one of these, or your own, or just take one and really dive into it and expand upon it. A lot of Eva's journals are centered more on her feelings about things where other characters might be less emotionally centered and more observational/detatched. Think about what sort of character you'd like E'iri to be and just build it up from that. You know how to get ahold of me if you have any questions. ;)

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Are you looking more for detailed scenarios or something more like writing prompts? I've got a few ideas I could throw your way! 8)


tumblah yay


Any of them!  [i'll link you mah tumblah when I make it. I have a more personal one, too!]



@ Eva, Thank you very much! Your post was extremely helpful. ;; Chances are, I will try to write about all of your suggestions. They sound fun! Hahah.

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